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(76 to 80) Part 2 - M. Laxmikanth (Parliament) Polity Facts in a Doubt Destroyer Manner (in Hindi)
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Let's Continue this very important course guys.

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Rahul Agrawal
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1: c 2: 3: c 4:c 5: 6: 7:d sir 2,&6 not able to solve plz tell sir in ques2 where we take the pt O it but confusing sir ??????
Nidhi gupta
9 months ago
Nitish Kumar
9 months ago
Nitish Kumar
9 months ago
check this
Sir app kie Qualification Kaya ha
76. what kind of majority is needed to pass vote of thanks by both the houses?
Prashant Thakur
7 months ago
Simple Majority
Private member Bill require prior notice of 1 month where as public member bill require only 1 week notice.
Public Bill's introduction requires one week's notice
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