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3rd May 2017 - Expected Current Affairs MCQs (SSC CGL)
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Daily current affairs MCQs from releases of various Government websites and exam oriented magazines. Mahesh has even prepared the daily current affairs summary for the entire month of May 2017.

Mahesh Verma
cleared SSC tier1and 2, cleared UPSC Prelims 2017, loves reading books, Avid learner

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Sir can u group all your polity lectures under one..... As all the lectures are in different serirs...
Thank you! sir, and also unacademy. I am very thankful for this opportunity.
Just an opportunity to say ‘wow’ and ‘Thank you’ for all your great work.
Mahesh Verma
3 years ago
thank you . it means a lot.

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  3. MAHESH VERMA CORRECT CONCLUSION INSTRUCTION Watch the lessons on The Daily current affairs for SSCCGL' video before or after attempting the question 1-3 Very low chance of selection Can do better, need to grind more 4-5 As soon as the question appears, pause the video, answer the question and resume it. 1 00% of the time , without fall. calculate your score and write it in the comment section (Compete). Going good almost there 6-7 8 or more Very high chance of selection

  4. In context of mauryan period" gud hapurushas' referred to (A) Detectives (B) Blacksmith (C) Army commander (D) Chariot rider

  5. Solution- A The detective in Mauryan administration were known as "Gudhapurusha"

  6. Government of india can not enforce the armed forces (special powers) act in (A) Any disturbed area in a state or a part of it. (B) An area where militancy or insurgency prevails. (C) An area where political chaos exists. (D) Places where borders are threatened.

  7. Solution- C AFSPA can be enforced by the Central Government in disturbed area and areas where militancy, insurgency prevails or where borders are threatened.

  8. As per the world trade organisation agreement on agriculture, indian farmers subsidies are covered under which box? (A) Green Box (B) Amber Box (C) Yellow Box (D) Blue Box

  9. Solution- B

  10. Which among the following parts of a plant is involved in gaseous exchange? (A) Stomata (B) Lenticels (C) Vacuoles (D) Stomata and Lenticels

  11. Who among the following led the agitation against the partition of bengal (1905)? (A) Surendranath Banerjee (B) C.R. Das (C) Ashutosh Mukharjee (D) Rabindra Nath Tagore

  12. Which of the following rivers of India is not an example of antecedent drainage system? (A) Indus (B) Brahmaputra (C) Ganga (D) Sutluj

  13. The republic day parade, held every year, is organized by which of the following ministries? (A) Union Home Ministry (B) Union Ministry of Defence (C) Union Ministry of Finance (D) Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  14. Solution- B Republic day parade is organized bythe Ministry of Defence Organizing Republic day parade is organized by the Ministry of Defence. Organizing national functions (such as Republic Day Parade, Beating Retreat Ceremony, Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Martyrs' Day, etc) is the primary responsibility of Ministry of Defence.

  15. Which of the following articles can not be suspended upon the proclamation of the national emergency? (A) Article 20 and 21 (B) All Fundamental Rights (C) All Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy (D) None of the above