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30th November 2018- ISRO launches India's First (HysIS) (in Hindi)
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ISRO launches India's first hyperspectral imaging satellite (HysIS) along with 30 foreign satellites

Nitin Kumar Singh
I have done my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from AKTU, Lucknow . Hobbies - playing guitar,drawing,Book,movie, traveling and foodie.

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sir, hm village se hai isliye mere liye yah bahut hi khusi ki Baat hai ki aap hm logo ko padha rhe ho
  1. 22.0k 40 views 30th November, 2018 Nitin Kumar Singh Educator since July2017 Ihave done my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from AKTU,Lucknow. Hobies-playing uitardrawing Bookmovie,traveling and foodie. 3.2k 8 23 Followers Fllowing Courses EMProfile PRESS INFORMATION BUREAU

  2. ISRO launches India's first hyperspectral imaging satellite (HysIS) along with 30 foreign satellites In a first, PSLV for first time launches sats from Australia, Colombia, Of the total 30 satellites whose combined weight is 261.5 kg, 23 are from the It is to study the earth's surface in both the visible, near infrared and Malaysia and Spain.( Antrix Corporation Limited). US. shortwave infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Data from the satellite will be used for various applications including agriculture, forestry,geological environments, coastal zones and inland waters, Security etc

  3. The life of the satellite is five years o HOW IT WORKS& ITS ADVANTAGES It captures the energy reflected from objects when sunlight illuminates them The imager can capture objects in 55 spectral or colour bands pin. pointing fine details and minute differences APPLICATIONS Agriculture Can detect the health of crops and plants Forestry Can detect streams and ponds in thick forests Research Help measure the depth of shallow water bodies (bathymetry studies) REMOTE SENSING SPECTRUM avelength 400mm I Visible light oon Infrared Mining Can identify and differentiate minerals m-nano metre equal to one billionth of a metre) Military aPP Can detect landmine on ground and a few centimetres underground The longer the wavelength the deeper the radiation can penetrate into the ground lications