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30 Important Multiple Choice Questions
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30 important short answer type question

Somya Prasad
I am in the final year of engineering(Elect.) from DTU ,I have been teaching since 2013.

Unacademy user
perfect sir ji you are always going to be difficult questions solved very good easy way
  1. SoMYA X Mount Carmel School Curently Puy'sing B Tech CElecri An achive Participant em AIR, pmint cal) fom media.

  2. Genenal nteness INDIAN PoLITICS 1- The censihuhen et India came ivnto 26 January 1950 a- The onshtuoo India uas od opted om 26 Nevember 1949 ys The USP

  3. . Accending to , Article 32 (right to Cemshtutional Temedies is "the heart and soul e the whele conshthudiem". BR Anbed Ra s The RoWLATT Act (Black Act) (aused the government to suspend the night Haheas Cer pus Cuvit equined by a parsam under arrest to be breught before judge ar Court.

  4. 8 he hauats in India is called as Lite 6. lhe Panch Republic by Sir Char les Met ca fe 0%. Finst genvenal eledenus in In a in year 195 Q which state inbroduced T Raj andnay System n India? ajasthan

  5. Ws es une ( 2 June 1905 who said Gever r r is a byd in a golden a Saeini Nai da OI. who wete the last Colonisens o leave lnla est a in 61 onisers gse, eft Gpa in 161 ertugese

  6. 12 9 d Rights by the 14th Amendment Act ot 1478 me 13 ounde mduan Subhash Chanda Bose wras the chair man ot y man of ndian Consh tbhon AssmblyD Rena Rasod

  7. who was the chairman rafting 16. Committeee D. BR Am bed kar residen ndian Congess wns WW Bemner jee whan was the Indian Natioal Cong ress mesh Chandra toYmed 28 december 1885 .

  8. the st speaker e the lok Sabha . wowthe frst hduan weman President ot the unitedl Nahos Genenal Asembly ioye Laxmi Pandit (sister of Tauwharlaleh) SIS 4ao. RtS Ad 784 is also called as The East IndiaCompany Act 1784. Kintended to oddvess the shontmings Regulating Act 1773)

  9. ai- First state in India to Pass the ood securty Jauw chhatt isaoxh capital: Raipum State tree: Sal state animal: wild Asian Buffela Qaa- wildlife Rotectio Act was implemented in 9z3- The Briths East India Compa's yst Residen 972 Surat 2 The consumer Protection Adt in 1986

  10. as. Utho is custodian the Indian Comstit don? chief Justice India Qx whtch has beame a legal might under uu Amendment? Rigt to roperty 27 Folowin is not a jundamen &24, who presides the joint session Sper Q2a. n India the idea e sing s e tizenship i taken Jrom England