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27th July 2017 Part-1: Press Information Bureau Summary and Analysis (in Hindi)
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Centrally Sponsored Scheme & Central Sector Scheme

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Thankyou So Much Guru ji
Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel,Made from a diverse mix of feedstocks including recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, and animal fats, it is the first and only EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel
Schemes of Ministry of Women and Child Development under Nirbhaya Fund ....1) One Stop Centre...2)Universalisation of Women Helpline....3)Mahila Police Volunteer.
@Jatin Thanks a lot gentleman, i really appreciate your efforts considering you are preparing for mains too. Thanks you so much.
Nirbhaya case happened in 2012. Not in 2015. Anyway, thanks for your precious effort. Big fan :)
  1. Daily Press Information Bureau Summary & Analysis 27th July 2017 Presented by Jatin Verma.

  2. Topics to be Discussed Today 1. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services 2. India Quake 3. Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir 4. Allocation of more resources for higher education 5. Bio-Fuel Scheme, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy 6. National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme 7. Nirbhaya Fund 8. Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty 9. Learn & Earn Scheme 10. Closure of Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana 11. Codex Alimentarius Commission

  3. 1. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services Earth System Science Organization(ESSO)-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) provides ocean information services for the benefit of various user communities in the country. ESSO-INCOIS has adopted the state-of-the-art technologies and tools available in the country for the timely dissemination of Ocean Information and Advisory Services that includes: Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisories, Ocean State Forecast (OSF), V High Wave Alerts and V Tsunami early warnings. In order to effectively and timely disseminate the advisories, directly from the lab to the end user, an Integrated Information Dissemination System (IDS) named as "SAGARVANI" has been developed by ESSO-INCOIS.

  4. 2. India Quake A Mobile App developed by the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) for automatic dissemination of earthquake parameter (location, time and magnitude) after the occurrence of earthquakes. The App will make information disseminationfaster with no restrictions on the number of recipients. Any citizen can download this App and get the real time earthquake location information on his/her mobile. Other than scientific and administrative benefits of the App, it will help in reducing panic amongst people during an earthquake.

  5. For example, if an earthquake occurs in Hindukush region, Afghanistan and is strongly felt in Delhi, then people in Delhi will know in less than 2 minutes that the earthquake has actually occurred in Afghanistan and not in Delhi. 3. Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir . The Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmiris being e The scheme aims to encourage the youth from Jammu & Kashmirto The scheme envisages to provide 5000 fresh scholarships every There is a provision of inter-changeability of slots, subject to shortfall in implemented since 2011. pursue higher education in educational institutions outside the state. year (4500 for General, 250 for Engineering and 250 for Medical studies). the number of General degree courses and in the process, allocating a higher number of students for certain professional courses.

  6. 4. Allocation of more resources for higher education India is spending about 4.9%of GDP (as per UNDP estimates 2014) on education, of which about one-third is spent on higher education. Apart from this, to increase investments in the infrastructure of higher educational institutions, the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) has been set up with an initial capital base of Rs. 300 crores. The HEFA has been incorporated as a Section 8 Company under the Company Act, 2013 and would mobilize debt/Bond funds from the market to finance improvementin infrastructure and research facilities in the higher educational institutions.

  7. 5. Bio-Fuel Scheme, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy For the development of Biofuels, a National Policy on Biofuels has been announced in the year 2009. The Government is implementing the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme under which Oil Marketing Companies sell ethanol blended petrol with percentage ofethanol up to 10% as per BIS specifications, The Government also allowed procurement of ethanol produced from cellulosic and ligno-cellulosic feedstock, including petrochemical route c fedstock ndnmantorchemicd roveed from celulosic To encourage production of Biodiesel in the country, the Government announced the Biodiesel Purchase Policy in October, 2005, which became effective from 1st January 2006. The Government has permitted the direct sale of Biodiesel (B-10o) for The Government has permitted the direct sale of Biodiesel (B-100) for blending with High Speed Diesel to all consumers, in accordance with the specified blending limits and the standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

  8. 6. National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is implementing a National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme (NHARSS) under which ambulances and cranes are provided to State Governments to take the accident victims to the nearest hospital and to evacuate the damaged vehicles from the road accident site on the NHs. NHAl also provides ambulances at every toll plaza on the completed corridor of NHs.

  9. 7. Nirbhaya Fund Nirbhaya Fund is an Indian rupee 10 billion corpus announced by Government of India in its 2013 Union Budget This fund supports initiatives by the government and NGOs working towards protecting the dignity and ensuring safety of women in India. Ministry of Women and Child Development is the nodal authority for appraisal of the schemes/proposals received under Nirbhaya Fund. 8. Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), a Statutory body of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has recently launched a 'Visiting Advanced Joint Research (VAJRA) Faculty Scheme' Objective: to connectthe Indian academic and research and development (R&D) systems to the best of global science and scientists for a sustained international collaborative research e The scheme offers adjunct/ visiting faculty assignments to overseas scientists, faculty members and R&D professionals includin

  10. Non-resident Indians (NRI) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) to undertake high quality collaborative research in cutting edge areas of science with one or more Indian collaborators of public funded academic and research institutions of India . The VAJRA Faculty should be an active researcherworking in an overseas leading academic/research /industrial organization with significant accomplishments in R&D. This is not a centraly sponsored scheme but a Central Plan Scheme This is not a centrally sponsored scheme but a Central Plan Scheme and hence no State/UT-wise allocation is made. Difference between Central Sector Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes: What is Central Sector Schemes- Central sector schemes are schemes with 100% funding by the Central government and implemented by the Central Government machinery

  11. The objective of MGPSY is to encourage and enable the overseas Indian workers by giving government contribution to: Save for their Return and Resettlement (R&R) V Save for their old age, v Obtain a Life Insurance cover against natural death during the period of coverage The government contribution available under the MGPSY is for a period of five years or till the return of subscribed worker back to India, whichever is earlier.

  12. Codex has been jointly formed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Biotechnology, pesticides, food additives and contaminants are some of the issues discussedin Codex meetings. While being recommendations forvoluntary application by members, Codex standards serve in many cases as a basis for nationallegislation WTO members that wishto apply stricter food safety measures than those set by Codex may be required to justify these measures scientifically. Codex members cove r 99% ofthe world's population. Codex standards ensure th Codex standards ensure that food is safe and can be traded.

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