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22nd October: Improve English Vocabulary from Editorials of Indian Express
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Jash takes us through today's editorial section of the Hindu to help us expand our vocabulary with an explanation as well as synonyms and antonyms to words like subjugate, arbitrary, ebb and many more!

Jash Dholani
Student at Ashoka University. Published writer.

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sir aap mujhe 5 toughest questions de international maths olympiad ke paper ke mene mere dosto ke sath challenge lagai hai voh mujhe bol rahe hai esa koi question nahi hai vo 7 brilliant my friends milke na car sake 😊😊😊
Nitish Kumar
10 months ago
Abhi aage aayengi....😊
Nitish Kumar
10 months ago
Bhut ache ache qns
Dhruvam bhalodiya
10 months ago
ok thank you
synonym for Subjugation is 'Quell ' I think you have written ' Qwell'.
Awesome !!! Why dont you add a few more words from Hindu also.
Can you elucidate the word "rapprochement" ?
Sir pls add on sentence as example...
Is the word 'QWELL' correct?...
  1. Hello everyone

  2. My name is Jash

  3. Educator: Jash Dholani -Student at Ashoka University -Published in The New Indian Express and was a top 10 winner in Times Of India's Write India contest. -Published in a couple of books. -Majors in Economics and minors in Creative Writing

  4. Subjugate suhb-juh-geyt

  5. Subjugate Bring under domination or control, especially by conquest.

  6. Synonyms: a) Conquer b) Vanquish c) Qwel

  7. 2 10

  8. Arbitrary ahr-bi-trer-ee

  9. Arbitrary Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. 12

  10. Ridde 14

  11. 13

  12. Ebb (Of a wave or an emotion)Gradually decrease 18

  13. Synonyms: a) Diminish b) Dwindle c) Wane 20

  14. 4 21

  15. Obfuscation ob-fuhs-ke-shun

  16. Obfuscation Hiding meaning in communication, making in confusing 23

  17. Agile aj-uh I 27

  18. 29

  19. 6 31

  20. Contingent kuh n-tin-juh nt 32

  21. Contingent Subject to chance

  22. 34

  23. Rapprochement rap-rohsh-mahn 37

  24. 8 40

  25. Xll

  26. 45

  27. Spearhead To lead an attack or a movement 50

  28. 56

  29. All these words came from today's edition of The Indian Express(22th oct) 59

  30. See you for tomorrow's lesson. 61