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1st December 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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GDP versus GVA

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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Please kindly continue the series.. You are doing a great job.. please let us know when can we expect the upcoming videos
it's not daily analysis now..plz do it weekly imp analysis atleast..ab aapky Alwa koi achha he nhi lgta analysis karta 😑
hey...jatin...doin amazingly good guiding aspirant.... just a request...if u can resume PDF for important topics like I'm working's really a quickly go through...
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  3. want fo be start but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base Page 1 : Growth slows to 7.1% on oil, rupee Pag: Manipur: SC rejects Army officers' plea p Page 1 Odisha shelter inmates allege sexual assault; raid conducted he # Page 3: Bihar, Punjab take DGP issue to SC rev Page 5 : Journalist held on charges of sedition for video clipping Page 5 : Stating their needs Page 8: Fake news affects voting behaviour in a big wavy Page 8: SC defers hearing on Rohingya plea Page 9: Paris Agreement can't be renegotiated: India Page 10 : Amnesty holds protest outside Indian mission Page Home loan firms' shares rise a day after RBI eases securitisation norms Page 11 : What's with the back series GDP data? Page 11: Fiscal deficit exceeds full-year target in just seven months Page 18 : India's first indigenous film festival in Feb. ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  4. want fo be start but th Page 1 : Growth slows to 7.1% on oil, rupee Second-quarter GDP growth slowed to 7.1 %, from 8.2% in the preceding three-month period, Gross Value Added (GVA) growth eased to 6.9% in July-September, from 8%. . The GDP expansion in the corresponding quarter ofthe last fiscal year was 6.3%, while phe GVA growth was 6.1% Economists said while the slowdown was anticipated, given that oil prices had been high and the rupee had weakened against the dollar during the quarter, the actual numbers had surprised on the downside. Disappointing ink h cause ferent Manufacturing growth at 7.4% and agriculture growth at 3.8% is steady. Construction at 6.8% and mining at-2.4% reflect monsoon months deceleration. Half year [GVA growth at 7.4% is still quite robust and healthy. First half GDP growth is at 7.6% and is quite robust and healthy. Still, it is the highest growth rate in the world. PLI kand stay

  5. want fo be start but th Sudden spurt in crude oil prices and depreciation in rupee had a somewhat destabilising impact on the economy lately, but over the past month they have corrected equally fast. EAC Chairman Bibek Debroy said that the robust growth rates in sectors such as manufacturing and construction show that the growth momentum continues to be broad based. ee reve he Weak quarter GDP grew at 7.1% during the second quarter of FY2019, down from 8.2% recorded in first quarter this financial year 8.5 ink h cause Manufacturing growth at 74% 8.1 8.2 8.0 and agriculture growth at 38% are 7.5 pu 7.0 6.5 6.0 5.5 71 steady. Construction at 6.8% and mining at-24% reflect monsoon months deceleration SUBHASH CHANDRA 6.3 kand stay Q1 Q3 Q1 Q3 Q1 Q2 FY17 FY18 FY19 Secy, Dept of Economic Afairs Image Credit The Hindu (1st Dec)

  6. want fo be start but th Page 11: Fiscal deficit exceeds full-year target in just seven months India's fiscal deficit in the first seven months of the financial year, at 6.49 lakh crore, exceeded the budgeted target for the entire year, coming in at 103.9% of that target. The fiscal deficit was 96.1% of the budgeted amount in the same period of the previous year. phe x receipts were 6.61 lakh crore in the April-October 2018 period, which is only 44.7% of the budgeted estimates for the year, with just five months to go Total receipts, at 8.08 lakh crore, were only 44.4% of the budgeted amount for the year. Total expenditure, on the other hand, stood at 14.5 lakh crore, which is 59.6% of the budget estimate for the year. Chief economist, India Ratings and Research, said while expenditure continues to grow, total receipts in October 2018 shrank from October 2017. Non-debt capital receipts in April- October 2018 are nearly half of April-October 2017. India Ratings expects the fiscal deficit for the year to be 3.5% ofGDP higher than the government's target of 3.3% Growth rate of eight infrastructure sectors slowed to 4.8% in October due to contraction in the production of crude oil, natural gas and fertilizers ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay

  7. want fo be start but th Page 11:What's with the back series GDP data? The government released the GDP growth estimates for previous years based on the new method of calculation and base year it had adopted in 2015. What happened? In 2015, the government adopted a new method for the calculation of the gross domestic ph rev product of the country, and also adopted the Gross Value Added measure to better estimate economic activity. Further, the change involved a bringing forward of the base year used for calculations to 2011-12 from the previous 2004-05. However, this had led to the problem of not being able to compare recent data with the years preceding 2011-12. The back series data provided the earlier years' data using the new calculations. cause ferent PLI kand stay What does the new data sav? The new data release shows that GDP growth during the UPA years averaged 6.7% during both UPA-1 and UPA-11, compared with the 8.1% and 7.46%, respectively, estimated using the older method tari

  8. want fo be start but th In comparison, the current government has witnessed an average GDP growth rate of 7.35% during the first four years of its term, based on the new method. The new data shows that, contrary to the earlier perception, the Indian economy never graduated to a 'high growth' phase of more than 9% in the last decade or so. Mining and manufacturing sectors did not recover from the global financial crisis as quickly y has phe rev eas initially thought. What were the changes made? The first and most basic change made in the data calculations was changing the base year. While using 2011-12 as the base year is simpler for calculations for subsequent years, it was a tougher exercise calculating backwards using the new base. Government adopted the recommendations of the United Nations System of National Accounts, which included measuring the GVA, Net Value Added (NVA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA-21 database, which became available since 2011-12. Problem encountered in finding matching data for the older series as what the MCA-21 provided. Difference between the two was that the old method measured - actual physical cause ferent PLI uy, Ivis kand stay output in the manufacturing sector, crop production, and employment for the services sector.

  9. want fo be start but th MCA-21 database allows for a more granular approach, looking at the balance sheet data of each company and aggregating the performance of the sector from that, after adjusting for inflation. For most sectors, simply changing the price vectors from a 2004-05 to a 2011-12 base was enough, but others required a splicing of new and old data in the relevant proportions to p rev arrive at the closest approximation. he What are the problems with the new data? Data was released by Niti Aayog led to questions over the credibility of the method chosen. While it was being handled exclusively by the Central Statistics Office, the assumption wask cause ferent that the statistically strongest method would be chosen. Adding Niti Aayog to the equation puts this in doubt. PLI Are these numbers different from previous estimates? kand stay The new back series data diverges quite sharply significantly from the estimates made in a draft report released by the National Statistical Commission earlier this year, which showed that growth during the UPA years crossed 9% on at least four occasions, and even hit 10.78% in 2010-11.

  10. want fo be start but th Page 11 : Home loan firms' shares rise a day after RBI eases securitisation norms RBI decided to relax the Minimum Holding Period (MHP) requirement for NBFCs, as they are now allowed to securitise loans of more than five-year maturity, after holding them for six months on their books, as compared with one year earlier. reeNBFCs involved in housing finance are the biggest beneficiary of the move, since such loans heare extended for more than five vears. RBI decision would lend more confidence to the banking system and encourage banks to buy more portfolios and build their own retail book-something they have struggled to build Therefore, it is win-win situation both for NBFCs and banks, and will lend more stability to the debt market, which is the need of the hour ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  11. want fo be start but th Page 5: Stating their needs y has rev . A special session of Parliament to pass The Farmers Free No land acquisition heStating their needs dom from Indebtedness Bill, 2018 and the Farmers Right without informed The Right to Fair anteedComprehensive social 2013 at all levels The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee, an umbrella to Guaranteed Remunerative Minimum Support Prices forconsent; No dilution of Agricultural Commodities Bill, 2018 Compensation...Act, body of 207 farmers groups, formed in the wake of the Mandsaur protests last year, organised the protests held in the national capital on Friday The body has developed a broader Farmers Charter, which theyreleased on the same day, which included 20 demands. Some of the key ones: An increase in guar employment days under MGNREGS to 200 days per households including family: wage payment at par with legal minimum wages for unskilled farm labour and extension of this scheme to urban s coverage security for all farm WITH Strict implementationuse h 5,000 per month per farmer above the age of 60 and health of Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act and the prevention of dilution of Forests Rights Act, 2006 Farmers protesting in New Delhi on Friday SANDEEP SAXENA PLI Image Credit The Hindu (1st December 2018) kand stay es that IP

  12. want fo be start but th Page 8: SC defers hearing on Rohingya plea SC deferred its hearing on a plea by Rohingya immigrants against the government's proposed move to deport their 40,000-strong refugee community back to their native land of Myanmar. y ha The Rohingya community, which fled to India after violence in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, have settled down in Jammu, Hyderabad, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan. The petitions have said the Centre's move to deport them violates the constitutional guarantee that the Indian State should "protect the life and liberty of every human bein whether citizen or not," ink h cause ferent The National Human Rights Commission had even issued notice to the government on the ,u, proposed deportment. The petitions have said the 40,000-odd Rohingya in the country were recognised by the UNHCR in 2016 and given refugee identity cards. Their deportment would violate India's commitment to international conventions that recognise the 'Principle of Non-Refoulement.' This prohibits the deportation of refugees to a country where they face threat to their lives kand stay

  13. want fo be start but th > Campaign finance should be available through transparent means. The ruling party will of course always have an edge, because everyone feels that the ruling party can help them in some way and so, they contribute. An honourable court of the U.S.A. has already said that corporates express themselves through political donations; it is covered under the fundamental right to freedom of expression. So, with that view, they can express themselves by giving anything to anyone In what ways will technology impact electoral process? p he rev he Commission, from the very beginning, started adopting technology EVMs(Electronic Voting Machine) VVPATs (Voter verifiable paper audit trail) cVigil mobile application launched recently by the EC for public to share audio-visual proof ipur of election-related malpractice when the Model Code of Conduct is in place] ink h cause ferent kand stay

  14. want fo be start but th Page 1: Odisha shelter inmates allege sexual assault; raid conducted Inmates of a shelter home being run by an NGO in Dhenkanal district of Odisha have accused the person in charge of it, of repeated sexual assault on minor girls living on the premises. ee enile Justice Act 2015 violation The CWC delegation found that the shelter home, being run by NGO Good News India, was established in violation of the Juvenile Justice Act. The shelter home has not been registered as per JJ Act. ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  15. want fo be start but th Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 The Act seeks to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children as ratified by India on December 1, 1992. It specifies procedural safeguards in cases of children in conflict with law eve Key provisions phe Change in nomenclature from 'juvenile' to 'child' or 'child in conflict with law', across the Act to remove the negative connotation associated with the word "juvenile" Inclusion of several new definitions such as orphaned, abandoned and surrendered children; and petty, serious and heinous offences committed by children; ink h cause ferent The Act mandates setting up Juvenile Justice Boards and Child Welfare Committees in every district. Both must have at least one woman member eaclh PLI > Special provisions for heinous offences committed by children above the age of sixteen kand stay years Separate new chapter on Adoption to streamline adoption of orphan, abandoned and surrendered childrern

  16. want fo be start but th Page 18 : India's first indigenous film festival in Feb. India's first international indigenous film festival will take place in February next year in Odisha The idea is to shine a light on and celebrate the huge and diverse native tribes and indigenous cultures, their issues and concerns and the problems afflicting them Odisha is known for its large indigenous population, diverse indigenous culture and widespread indigenous resistance against mining companies and other destructive practices. They have been organising "Unexpurgated", a festival for alternative cinema, in Bhubaneswar since 2016 and the thought of looking exclusively at indigenous cinema had long been brewing in their minds. phe reve cause ferent pu kand stay