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18th November 2017: General Studies Mains Questions
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18th November 2017: Venkatesh has given 3 questions for the answer writing practice for GS Mains.

Venkatesh Chaturvedi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Venkatesh Chaturvedi
Educator on Unacademy since 3 years. Have written UPSC CSE mains twice ( 140 Essay, 100+ in GS papers). B.Tech. from IIT Patna.

Unacademy user
It was very easy to understand...becsuse of your style of teaching ...5 star 👍👍👍👍👍 from me ...
Kritika Kapoor
a year ago
thank u
model ans discussion should improve and please provide model answers completly in pdf or written atleast for one ans just glimps of model answet wont help us sufficiently
Sir please try to post questions regularly, while you can delay in posting answers regarding the same. Thank you.
thank u so much sir it's very helpful for ys excellent course sir
sir can u plz provide questions on alternate days???
Sir please do it regularly.. If possible
  1. Mains Answer Writing-Reloaded 18th November 2017 Presented by enhatesh Chaturred

  2. About Me B.Tech. from IIT Patna in Electrical Engineering Recipient of Director's Gold medal at IIT Patna Category Leader at Unacademy Appeared for UPSC CSE mains in 2016 Interests Football, Guitar, Music & Movies RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Follow me on : aga sk r SurOWY

  3. Questions Trace the genesis of 'Qaud' as an International grouping. What is it's significance in the context of rise of Chinese aspirations and regional hegemony? (IA/IR) 1. What is El-Nino, La- Nina and EN-SO? How is the weather of different geographical regions affected by occurrence of EL-Nino? 2. (Geography) 3. What are Judicial Activism and Judicial Overreach? Illustrate with Examples. (Polity)