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(16 - 20) IC Engine GATE Previous Year Questions
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In this lesson I have discussed 5 mcq's IC Engine those already ask in GATE previous year

Ujjwal Kumar Sen
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sir please continue with this course... very helpful course
  1. I.C. Engine GATE PYQ's [Q. 16- Q. 20]

  2. Q. 16 An engine working on air standard Otto cydle is supplied with air at 0.1 MPa and 35 C. Compression ratio is 8. Heat supplied is 500 KJ/Kg. Property data for air, C 1.005 KJ/Kg, C-.718 KJ/Kg, R- .287 KJ/Kg. Maximum temperature (K) of the cycle is.....(correct to one decimal place)

  3. l6) - Solufon Tz temp. may, I Mpa , a-q) eversible adiabaticpmas 1.4 1.8379 MPa From an ideal gas egn TI

  4. 83 79 cordent volume process C2-3) 0. x1,3

  5. A rope brake dynamometer attached to the crankshaft of an I.C. engine measures a brake power of 10 KW when the speed of rotation of the shaft is 400 rad/s. Shaft torque (in Nm)

  6. Q. 17- Soluhon P. 1o X1o 400

  7. Q. 18 A diesel engine has a compression ratio of 17 and cut-off takes place at 10% of the stroke. Assuming ratio of specific heats as 1.4, air standard efficiency(%) is

  8. ) Solubon 7 2 3 V3 V2 2) V2

  9. Y-I 1.4 1- '-4-1 1.4 C26-)

  10. Q. 19 At the time of starting, idling and low speed operation, carburettor supplies a mixture which can be termed as- (a) Rich (b) Stoichiometry (c) Slightly leaner than stoichiometry (d) Lean

  11. Q. 20 Soluhon Given- ra DL Bore dia. ) 200mm = o.oo 1 m Displacement volume (VI) 0% L = 21 4 = 852981.634 mm2 VC o.oo 1 = 8.8529

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