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15 Most Important Points - 1NF,2NF, 3NF and BCNF (in Hindi)
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This course will cover Normalization in Databases with 25 Previous Year Questions plus some practice questions from beginning level to expert.

Sweta Kumari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sweta Kumari
YouTuber (channel : GATE NoteBook) | Verified Educator | 2+ year Online Teaching Experience

Unacademy user
We eliminate the transitive dependency to make the Relation in 3NF. So how in point #2 Transitive Dependency = 3NF?
Sweta Kumari
2 months ago
It will be no Transitive dependency for sure
Prabha Bhanu
2 months ago
Mam can u please elaborate.
Regarding point 1, suppose on R(A, B, C) the FD are A->B and B->C Now CK = A (only one) But it is not in 3NF because of B -> C. It is in 2NF
is point 2 correct? No Trans dep in 3 NF.
Sweta Kumari
8 months ago
point 2 is transitive dependency in 3 NF
Sweta Kumari
8 months ago