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12 October 2018 Daily current affairs
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Daily current GK

Ashok Sirohi
I am Asprints of SSC CGL also give CGL Main 2 time.I am teaching last 3 year Math with my trick I have youtube channel with 1.5 MILLION sub

Unacademy user
Govt must make sure that all it's welfare meausre or the policy is effectively implemented , then govt can assure themself that naxalie menance can be stopped. and govt have to make aware of there welfare measure to tribals , dalits, adivasis.Gainning there confidence n trust on govt is much more important, Govt must reach out each n every individual concern n have to educate and make them aware of the welfare measure, if trust n confidence sown upon them , then naxalite menance will be a history. And the reserve police force which are in ten times higher in no.than naxalite. Reserve police Force must have to set up their own INTELLIGE UNIT , so that they track the naxalite movement, their next course of action.If the intelligence data is strong , the casuvality of armed will be lesser. And the naxalite who r willing to surrender must not be charged , n govt can take measure to rehabilitate them.