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1- Overview and Course Plan
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1 - Overview and Course Plan

Malini Sundar Rajan
AIR20(GATE Biotech, 2017) DBT-JRF(Category-I fellowship, 2016) AIR19 (GATE Biotech, 2012) AIR10 (CSIR-NET Life Sciences, 2011)

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This has changed my life . Thanks a ton Sir. Thanks a lot.
madam will you give any tips to qualify csr net
This is a very popular request. Other educators have made videos about this. Do check it out. warm regards Malini
Bastavik Das
a year ago
ok maam
Thank you :)
  1. Molecular Basis of Genetic Diseases By Malini Sundar Rajan B.E. Biotechnology M.Tech. Biotechnology GATE(BT) 2017 AIR 20 DBT BET 2016 qualified category l GATE (BT) 2012 AIR 19 CSIR UGC NET 2011-AIR 10 (CSIR-JRF) Student, Aptech Computer Education Unacademy profile: 1- Overview of the Course

  2. Target Audience Aspirants of competitive exams in biology and life sciences GATE (BT) DBT-BET CSIR-UGC-NET (life sciences) ICMR (life sciences) JNU entrance exams (M.Sc and M.Tech Biotechnology programs) Other private college entrance exams for masters degree programs

  3. drenelrukedystrophy (ALD). Fatal merve diseane Muscular Dystroplhy Absence of sperm in semen of the muncles DNA trst cumently available Clotting deficiency Ashkenazi Jew Section 2: General Biotechnology Malabscrpeion Syndrome Poteetally fatal digestive action potential and transport processes; Enzymes- classification, kinetics and mechanism of action; Basic concepts and designs of metabolism (carbohydrates, lpids, amino acids and nucleic acids) photosynthesis, respiration and electron transport chain: Bioenergetics Amyetrophic Laterall Sclerosis(ALS) ate-ot letul degeoevative erve disene Microbiology: Viuses structure and classification; Microbial classification and diversity[bacterial, algal and fungol: Methods in microbiology: Microbial growth and nutrition; Aerobic and anoerobic respiration; Nitrogen fxation; Microbial diseases and Lathal, Late-onnet, nerve degemerative disese ADNA Immune Deicincy First hereditary condition byene therapy Famitial Adenomataus Polypasis (FA letestinal Extremely high cholesterol Cell Biology: Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure: Cell cycle and cell growth control:; Cell-Cel communication, Cell signaling and signal transduction Myotonic Dystrophy of iron from the diet Molecular Biology and Genetics: Molecular structure of genes and chromosomes Mutations and mutagenesis: Nucleic acid replication, transcription, translation and theirAmylaiossa regulatory mechanisms in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; Mendelian inheritance: Gene interaction: Complementation: Linkage, recombination and chromosome mapping: Extra chromosomal inheritance: Microbial genetics (plasmids, transformation, transduction. conjugation]: Horizontal gene transfer and Transposable elements RNA interference: DNA damage and repair; Chromosomal variation Analytical Techniques: Principles of microscopy-light, electron, fluorescent and confocal; Centritugation- high speed and ultra: Principles of spectroscopy-UV, visible. CD, IR. FR Raman, MS,NMR; Principles of interaction, affinity, GC,HPLC. FPLC: Electrophoresis; Microaray 9 H 6 Destroys perves in the brain and spinal cord, resolting ln lossof muscle conol Cystic Fihrosis with beeathing Benign bumors of nerve 14 13 12 Breast Caner Werner Syndrome on exchange, gel filtration, hydrophobic Tumors originaning in the skin Cyss resalting in enlargnd kidney and renal failure Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, Type 2 . Tamors in endocrine gland and other tissoes Immunology: Hstory of Immunology: Innate, humoral and cell mediated immunity Antigen; Antibody structure and function: Molecular basis of anfibody diversity: Synthesis of antibody and secretion: Antigen-antibody reaction Complement: Primary and secondory lymphoid orgon: B and T cells and macrophoges: Major complex (MHC): Antigen processing and presentation: Polyclonal and monocional antibody; Regulation ofimmune response: Immune tolerance: Hypersensitivity Tay-Sarhs Diseane invelving lipd metabolism Chonic inherited anemia, in which red blood cells sickle, elogging Phenylketenuria (PKU. An inborm eor ef metabolism if untreated, results in mental retardation Childhood tamor of the eye

  4. The Karyotype . Autosomes * Sex Chromosomes 46XY MALE

  5. Course Plan Definitions - Disease, Genetic Disease, Types of genetic diseases, Single gene disorder and multigene disorders Autosomal dominant Autosomal recessive X-linked dominant X-linked recessive Y-linked and Mitochondrial 1. Learning outcomes: Reading family trees Deducing inheritance pattern of disease Learning salient features of the disease Gene involved, mechanism by which 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. disease becomes apparent

  6. Previous years questions Question Number:45 Correct: 2 Wrong:-0.66 A pedigree of an inheritable disease is shown below 33 Match the type of chromosomal inheritance (Column-I) with the corresponding genetic disease or trait (Column-Il) Column- Column-I1 Unaffected female Unaffected male Affected female Affected male P Autosomal recessive inheritance Q. Autosomal dominant inheritance R. X-linked inheritance S. Y-linked inheritance 1. Huntington disease 2. Hairy ears 3. Cystic fibrosis 4. Hemophilia (A) P-1,Q-4, R-3, S-2 (C) P-3,Q-1, R-4, S-2 (B) P-4, Q-3, R-2,SI (D) P4,0-2, R-3, s-1 This inheritable disease is (A) X-linked dominant C) only Y-linked (B) X-linked recessive or Y-linked (D) only X-linked recessive

  7. Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? .Leave a comment! Or message me on unacademy Liked the course? Rate the course Leave a review Upvote the lesson Share with friends Malini Sundar Rajan Unacademy profile: Unacadem pofi htps/acaey.comu/malinarsaT