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Know where your stand on your preparation level


Get All India Rank amongst 20k+ test takers


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Previously attempted by JEE Main 2023 - AIR 11, 12 & 13


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All India Test Series for JEE Main 2024

Give JEE Main 2024 before the actual exam with AIMT

JEE Main 2024

Predict your JEE Main 2024 rank before the actual exam

Enter your AIMT marks to our Rank Predictor and get an estimated AIR



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Who can enroll for All India Mock Test (AIMT) for JEE 2024?

All aspirants of JEE 2024

Where can I attempt the test?

You can attempt the AIMT test on your desktop or mobile by signing in to the Unacademy website or learning app using your registered mobile number or email address. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection.

What happens if a person is found to have cheated or engaged in unethical practices?

After the results are announced, Unacademy will conduct a basic evaluation to determine if the learners have appeared for the test in an ethical and proper manner. If at any point in time, Unacademy discovers or it is brought to Unacademy’s notice that any Learner has engaged in unethical practices then Unacademy shall have the right to dismiss the rank without providing notice in this regard.

When will the results be announced of this AIMT?

Test results will be available immediately after you submit the AIMT test.

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