Crack Techfest Olympiad by IIT Bombay


Class 8-10 & Class 11-12

Exam Date: 16th Oct, 2022




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Win Unacademy plus subscription

Top 100 students from each squad stand a chance to win upto 50% scholarship


Cash Prize of Rs. 30,000 to Top 3 winners

1st Prize - INR 7,000 2nd Prize - INR 5,000 3rd Prize - INR 3,000


Detailed Performance Report

Get an in-depth topic-wise analysis of the test, to help you map your strengths.


Be the first one to the finish line

Win exciting prizes and scholarships.

Rank 1-3

50% Scholarship

Rank 4-10

25% Scholarship

Rank 11-100

15% Scholarship


Techfest Olympiad

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Class 8-10
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What happens if a person is found to have cheated or engaged in unethical practices in the test?

After the results are announced, Techfest Olympiad will conduct a basic evaluation to determine if the learners have appeared for the test in an ethical and proper manner. If at any point in time, Techfest Olympiad discovers or it is brought to Techfest Olympiad notice that any learner has engaged in unethical practices then Techfest Olympiad shall have the right to cancel the scholarship of such a learner without providing notice in this regard.

Who can enroll for Techfest Olympiad?

"Students from Class 6th or above (as of January 1st,2022) studying in schools affiliated with any State, Central, or International board as well as droppers can enroll for Technothlon Scholarship tests.

Who is eligible for Scholarship and Rewards?

Top 3 winners of both tracks (25,000 for each track)

Where can I attempt the test?

You can attempt the test on your desktop or mobile by signing in to the Unacademy website or learning app using your registered mobile number or email address. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection.

What happens if I am late to the test?

We encourage you to begin the test on time. However, if you are not able to begin on time, you will need to finish the test within the allotted time left

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