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Quantitative Aptitude
Bineesh Soni


In this course, Bineesh Soni will comprehensively cover all the topics on Quantitative Aptitude over 40 hours of Live Classes. He will cover the entire Syllabus of Mathematics which would be beneficial to the aspirants who are preparing for SSC CGL/CPO/CHSL, Bank PO/Clerk, or any other Government exam.

About this course
Live Sessions

The course consists of 40 sessions of 1 hour duration each. Session recording will be provided for all the sessions.

Discussion Forums

Access to a private forum moderated by Bineesh Soni where you can discuss and debate with your peers, access learning material and more.

Personalized Learning

All learners will have access to weekly doubt clearing sessions, live quizzes, learning materials and discussion with peers.

In this course, Bineesh is covering 40 detailed and comprehensive topics which will target syllabus for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, Bank PO, Clerk. The complete Arithmetic and Advanced syllabus will be covered here. He will discuss the strategy to attempt mocks. 
Course Curriculum

The course is divided into 40 sessions in total, and will offer personalised guidance and doubt-clearing to all the learners part of the limited batch.

  • 2nd January to 22nd March 2018
  • Class Timings: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
How to Score 45+ Marks in Quant Section of SSC Prelims Examination and 170+ Marks in Mains
Tuesday, 2nd January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Ratio and Proportion (Part 1)
Thursday, 4th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Ratio and Proportion (Part 2)
Saturday, 6th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Mixture And Allegation (Part 1)
Monday, 8th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Mixture And Allegation (Part 2)
Wednesday, 10th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Percentage (Part 1)
Friday, 12th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Percentage (Part 2)
Sunday, 14th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Number System (Part 1)
Thursday, 18th January, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Number System (Part 2)
Friday, 19th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Algebra Problems (Part 1)
Saturday, 20th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Algebra Problems (Part 2)
Tuesday, 23rd January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Algebra Problems (Part 3)
Wednesday, 24th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Geometry (Part 1)
Friday, 26th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Geometry (Part 2)
Sunday, 28th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Geometry (Part 3)
Tuesday, 30th January, 2:30 pm
Advanced - 2D- Mensuration (Part 1)
Friday, 2nd February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - 2D- Mensuration (Part 2)
Sunday, 4th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - 3D- Mensuration (Part 1)
Tuesday, 6th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - 3D- Mensuration (Part 2)
Thursday, 8th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Trigonometry (Part 1)
Saturday, 10th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Trigonometry (Part 2)
Monday, 12th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Trigonometry (Part 3)
Wednesday, 14th February, 2:30 pm
Advanced - Height and Distance
Friday, 16th February, 2:30 pm
Data Interpretation Problems
Tuesday, 20th February, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Time and Work (Part 1)
Wednesday, 21st February, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Time and Work (Part 2)
Thursday, 22nd February, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Pipe and Cistern
Saturday, 24th February, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Average (Part 1)
Monday, 26th February, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Average (Part 2)
Friday, 2nd March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Partnership
Sunday, 4th March, 2:00 pm
Arithmetic - Profit and Loss (Part 1)
Monday, 5th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Profit and Loss (Part 2)
Tuesday, 6th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Discount Problems
Thursday, 8th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Simple Interest Concepts
Saturday, 10th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Compound Interest Problems
Monday, 12th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Compound Interest and Simple Interest Mixed Problems (Installment)
Wednesday, 14th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Time, Speed, Distance and Trains (Part 1)
Friday, 16th March, 2:30 pm
Arithmetic - Time, Speed, Distance and Trains (Part 2)
Sunday, 18th March, 2:30 pm
Quiz on Quantitative Aptitude
Monday, 19th March, 3:00 pm
Arithmetic - Boat and Stream
Tuesday, 20th March, 2:30 pm
How to Solve Mock Test
Thursday, 22nd March, 2:30 pm
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About the educator
Bineesh Soni

MathsbyBinni (Youtube, Insta, FB page). A specialist in SSC preparation & subject matter expert on Mathematics & GS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it a paid course?

Unacademy remains committed to the cause of democratising access to free, high-quality education for everyone and continuing to help millions of students in India and across the world. The live course is part of a new initiative by us to recreate the interaction of an actual classroom online, where you can learn from each of your peers and receive personalized attention from some of the top educators on Unacademy over an extended period of time in small batches. Because of the huge and regular time commitments required of these educators, it is only fair that they are compensated adequately for the same. For this reason and to maintain the tech infrastructure required to conduct the live courses seamlessly online, we charge a nominal fee for these live courses.

How is this different from the free courses?

These live courses are different from the free courses available on Unacademy in a number of ways: These courses are available only to a small batch of the top learners on Unacademy. They give you access to regular and weekly live-sessions with some of the top educators on the platform, where they interact with the batch and personally resolve doubts and queries. They give you access to a private group with other top learners, where you get to discuss, debate and share learning resources under the guidance of the educator. Also, you get access to recordings of the live sessions, downloadable notes and other learning material for a period of 2 years, following which the videos and other content will be automatically deleted and access to the course will no longer be available.

What happens if I miss a class?

Though we actively encourage you to try and attend all the live sessions part of the course, if in case you’re unable to attend a session due to any reason, the recordings of the live sessions will be made available to the batch. You will have access to the recordings and other learning resources.

2nd January to 22nd March 2018

41 hours of live classes

Private Discussion Forum

Doubt clearing sessions and Live quizzes



Includes 18% GST

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Applications closed on 2nd Jan

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