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What is Public Distribution System (PDS) and Objectives
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This lesson covers: What is Public Distribution System (PDS) and Objectives

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I think my Notes are sufficient for English students. You can also learn Hindi from my course. I'll try my best.
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sir, what else i need to cover to complete the PDS and Buffer stock, and food security section for 2019
Sir national health policy 2017 upsc 2020 k liye bhi important Hai kya
Thanks a lot sir for this amazing course... But I have a doubt... Right to food is not a fundamental Right.. It is included under article 47 of Directive Principles of State Policy.. am I correct Sir??
  1. Public Distribution System- objectives, functioning, limitations, revamping, issues of buffer stocks and food security Lesson 1

  2. In this Lesson What is Public Distribution System * Objectives

  3. Public distribution system (PDS) is an important part of Indian food security system It is managed jointly by the Union Government (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution) and the State Governments It distributes subsidized food and non-food items to the poor and needy people in India Major commodities distributed include staple food grains, such as wheat, rice, sugar, and kerosene A network of public distribution shops have been established in several states across the country * . *

  4. Food Corporation of India, a Government-owned corporation, procures and maintains the PDS A public distribution shop also known as Fair Price Shop or Ration Shop, distributes rations at a subsidized price to the poor These ration shops sell wheat, rice and sugar at a price lower than the market price called Issue Price One must have a Ration Card to avail these facilities India has over 5 lakh shops constituting the largest distribution network in the world . . . .

  5. Objectives To achieve the goal of Zero To secure the fundamental Right to Food of Indian citizens Assuring supply of minimum quantities of food grains at affordable price to India's poor Ensuring equitable distribution as envisaged in the constitution controlling the price rise of Essential Commodities in the open market Hunger . * .

  6. Evolution of PDS in India- A Timeline 1940s- PDS was introduced around World War II as a war-time rationing . measure 1960s - Distribution through PDS was generally dependant on imports of food grains under PL-480 programme Agricultural Prices Commission and FCI was set up for domestic procurement and storage of food grains 1970s- PDS had evolved into a universal scheme for the distribution of subsidised food . o

  7. 1990s- The scheme was revamped to improve access of food grains to people in hilly and inaccessible areas, and to target the poor. 1992- Revamped Public Distribution System launched 1997- Targeted Public Distribution System launched with a focus on the poor 2000- Antyodaya Anna Yojana launched to target the poorest of the poor 2001- PUCL vs. Union of India case in Supreme Court contending that "right to food" is a fundamental right . * . * * 2013- Parliament enacted the National Food Security Act, 2013 . The Act relies largely on the existing TPDS to deliver food grains as legal entitlements to poor households

  8. REVAMPED PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (RPDS) . It was launched in 1992 by the Union Government . It aimed to strengthen and streamline the PDS as well as to * Aimed at improving reach of PDS to the far-flung, hilly, remote and inaccessible areas where many poor people lived It covered blocks under Drought Prone Area Programme(DPAP), Integrated Tribal Development Projects (ITDP), Desert Development Programme (DDP) .

  9. The RPDS focussed on - Providing ration cards to the left out families Developing infrastructure like additional Fair Price Shops, storage capacity etc in the identified blocks Delivering additional commodities such as tea, salt, pulses, soap through PDS outlets The responsibility of delivering to the end user was again put upon the State Governments . . . .

  10. TARGETED PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (TPDS) 1997, the Government of India launched the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) with focus on the poor States were given responsibility for identification of the poor for delivery of foodgrains and for its distribution in a transparent and accountable manner at the FPS level The identification of the poor under the scheme was done by the States as per State-wise poverty estimates of the Planning Commission * * .