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Variants of Inflation (in Tamil)
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Bottleneck inflation and core inflation explained in Tamil

Kubendran S M is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kubendran S M
Founder of KarpathuIAS Appeared Group 1 Mains thrice UPSC Mains once MA in Public Administration. Six years of Teaching Experience

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Hi Preeti, The sessions are good and helpful. Please upload the remaining lessons also thank you
Preeti Mandyal
2 years ago
Thnx much sir :) Nd surly I vill upload d remaining lessons :) By end of dis month.....I vill complete d art nd culture course both in English Nd Hindi medium. :) Actually it is taking tym to produce creative,a attractive lessons....both in looks Nd also in giving d lecture _/\_
Jayant Mathur
2 years ago
Thank you very much for your prompt response. Keep updating lessons, eagerly waiting to go through them. Thanks
Preeti Mandyal
2 years ago
Well Ur Thnx sir :) Nd sure I vill keep updating :)
Isha Sharma
2 years ago
Beautifully done... It's feeling like u r teaching in front not on video...I can perceive ???? Thank u
self evaluation add pannunga lesson end la

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  4. Debentures or Bond holders and Savers Vs Equity holders Debentures or Bond holders and Savers receive fixed periodical income from their financial assets. The purchasing power of their asset remains intact only if interest rate is more than rate of inflation. For example . Where that the interest rate is 8%The investor can earn Rs. 8 for Rs.100 investment. Suppose, if the rate of inflation is 10% He can buy fewer goods than that of his purchase before inflation with the invested amount.

  5. Indexed bonds The bond issuers gain, the bond holders lose. - The fixed interest rate paid for the bonds are not enough to compensate the effect of inflation. So to avoid this, interest is fixed on the basis of inflation. It means interest vary according to inflation. . If inflation is 10 % the interest rate shall be adequate to compensate this 10%. The interest rate may be 10 % or mor . These types of bonds are called Inflation indexed bonds. - The security holders income depends on the profit of the compa y. In inflationary situation, the companies earn more profit. So, the equity holders also earn more income.

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  7. Core Halon 1na intlah . dica fisa in Omd Sies exrcldt In Inoka, was 2000-0 ,

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