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Types Of Inflation: Rate Based Inflation
the inflation which ranges from 1%to 4%is called creeping inflation. the inflation which ranges from 5 %to 10% is called trotting inflation. the inflation running in the range of double digit (20%,100%,200%etc.) is called galloping inflation (also called as hopping ,jumping,running inflation ).i.e,many latin american countries like chille ,argentina and brazil in 1970 and 80s had such rates of inflation in the range of 50 to 700%. same in the case of russian economy after the disintegration of ex-USSR . and then there is hyper inflation (very large and accelerating which might have the annual rates in million and billion or even trillion. in this type of inflation the increase takes place in a very short span of time ,price shoot up overnight . ex - german economy at the time of 1923 , prices were 36 billion times higher than two year earlier .