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Square sitting arrangement in and out facing
Eight people i.e. Divya, Lokes, Kanti, Ankur, Varun, Nitin, Rishu, and Menka are seating in a row and all are facing towards North direction (but not necessarily in the same order). They work in different companies i.e. Infosys, Nokia, Oracle, TCS, HCL, Wipro, Dell, and IGATE (but not necessarily in the same order). Menka, who doesn’t work in IGATE, sits second to the right of Nitin, who works in Dell, who sits third to the right of Varun. Divya is not an immediate neighbour of Nitin and Menka both. The one who works in Nokia sits at one of the extreme ends of the row. Kanti sits second to the right of Lokes. Only one person who works in HCL sits between Lokes and Varun. Rishu sits fifth to the left of Ankur. Divya works in Infosys and doesn’t sit second to the left of Nitin. The one who works in TCS sits to the left of Lokes, who doesn’t work in IGATE and Wipro. Rishu doesn’t sit to the left of Divya.
Roshan Bhivapurkar
7 months ago
D V R L N K M A inf tcs Hcl ora del iGA wip Noki
Dhvani soni
7 months ago