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I have other queries also.. plz help out
Sir.. bacteria ke generation time is related questions bahut atakte hai.. like there was this question.. half beaker is filled with bacteria in 59 minutes what was the total time to fill it 1/ 64 if generation time is 1 minute what will be the total time to fill the beaker full? also there are questions of binary fission where they give the generation time and ask the no. of bacteria formed.. please make a course discussing these type of questions
Natasha Singh
a year ago
if a bacteria divides in 1 minute that means its gonna double its number in that minute... so according to ur question 1/2 beaker is filled in 59 minutes , dat means 1/4 would have been filled in 58 minutes and similarly 1/8 in 57... again 1/16 in 56 minutes, 1/32 in 55 minutes and finally 1/64 in 54 minutes..... and the total time to fill the bacteria completely in the beaker would be 60 minutes.... since half beaker was filled in 59 minutes and to fill the beaker completely the bacteria have to double itself... and it will double itself in the nxt 1 minute....... hope that helps!
I understood your approach towards this question.. Thank you Natasha ☺️
Natasha Singh
a year ago
first time i understand it completely
Piyasha Naiya
a year ago
Natasha Singh☺ you explained really well☺☺☺
Kavita Rani
9 months ago
🤗 thanks Natasha 😊 and Indarni😊😊
Q1.A flower of tomato/brinjal plant by process of sexual reproduction produces 240/360 viable seeds a)what is the minm no. of pollen grains that must have been involved in the pollination of its pistil? b) What would be the minm no .of ovulles present in ovary? c) How many male gametes involves? sirr plzz give reasons for this ans. bcoz thora km samajhti hu - seed wala portion.
Pinus endosperm cell contains 30 chromosomes,so how many chromosomes are in the sieve cell of Pinus?
Hey! Since Pinus is a gymnosperm,the ploidy of gymnospermic endosperm is haploid (n) and sieve cells are the somatic cells of the phloem,so their ploidy like any other somatic cell is diploid (2n) So, as given in your question: gymnosperm endosperm = n = 30 thus the sieve cells ploidy= 2n = 60
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
perfect explanation Indrani !
Natasha Singh
a year ago
Natasha Singh
a year ago
arey yr sory sory.... glti se typ ho gya.... apne aap chl gya keypad😟😟😟😟😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
nothing to worry about that Natasha!
Transport in plants me potentials ko lekar questions jisme adjoined cells ke beech cell sap ke potentials and pathway of water using potentials nikalne ko bolte hai.. ye topics bhi iss course me please discuss karo Sir
hlo sir 100 seeds wala question mai for hundred male gametes pahle one PMC so four pollen then unse four like ase solve hona chahiye na toh total meiosis four to the power jitna hoga for hundred male gametes utna meosis ka no. hoga for 100 male gametes clarity nai ai sir plzzz batado plzzzzzzz sir reply Dena🙏

  2. The very common questions on SRFP Pro tip 1 PMC gives 4 Pollen Each Pollen, 2 cells, 1 Veg and 1 Gen cells 1 MMC gives 4 Megaspores, 3 tapak jaate. 1 left out develops to form EMBRYO SAC

  3. General questions framed How many meiotic divisions required to form 100 Seeds? How many Meiotic divisions required to form 100 Pollen Grains? And so and so!