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Reasoning Practice Set SSC JE/RRB JE-7(in Hindi)
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Previous Year SSC JE/RRB JE Question

Roy Sujit
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Unacademy user
A 136 mentions notwithstanding anything in this "CHAPTER", whereas A. 262 mentions notwithstanding anything in this "CONSTITUTION". since 136 overrides the provision of the chapter in comparision to A 262 which overrides any of the provision of constitution which will include A. 136. Should it mean that SC cannot intervene in issues relating to water. kindly clear the doubt
Sonika Gupta
3 years ago
The chapter mainly deals with the constitution & juridiction(original & appellate i.e. by way of appeal against the order of HC) of the SC , it is in this context that the article 136 states that the SC has the power to grant special leave to appeal against the order any court, triunal etc. That means its power to grant special leave is not dependent on the HC granting a certificate of fitness of appeal, it overrides such provisions contained in the other articles of the Chapter. But this does not mean that article 136 is inferior to article 262. There is an apparent conflict between the two . But then it is argued that Judicial review is also a basic feature of constitution and so any parliamentary law(Eg: Inter state river water disputes act 1956) cannot abrogate that. So the judiciary continues to have jurisdiction over these disputes