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Practice MCQs (in Hindi)
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In depth discussion on Production MCQs for practice.

Ashima Negi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashima Negi
CBSE UGC NET. Full time Assistant Professor; MBA-FINANCE;BBA;NCFM;PGDM;TQM;ISO & QS9000;Assurance;CCIBL, Youtuber studytalkwithashima

Unacademy user
sir under root positive quantity h ya non negative?
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
if it's numerator then non negative, if denominator then positive
Aman tiwari
a year ago
ok thanks sir
  1. University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test By:- Assistant Professor(Ms.)Ashima Negi Candidate For Doctorate (Ph.D.) UGC NET-Management. CA(I), MBA Finance, BBA, PGDM-Materials Management, NCFM, TOM & ISO 9000, Qs 9000 & Assurance, CCIBL

  2. Which of the following is an advantage of single sourcing? Continuity of supply Ability to keep prices down Increased flexibility of supply Lower administration cost

  3. . The objective of production management is to the desired product or specified product by specified methods so that the optimal utilization of available resources is met with Produce . Use Control Record

  4. consists of fixing the flow lines for various raw materials, components, etc., from the stores to the packing of finished product, so that all concerned knows what exactly is happening in the shop floor. Dispatching Follow-up Routing . Loading and scheduling

  5. . When an organization owns its suppliers it is known as? Downstream supplier collaboration Upstream vertical integration Downstream vertical integration. Upstream supplier collaboration.

  6. Assignment model is used to . Assign a work to the customer Assign a target to the worker . Find out a profit . Assign available number of jobs to available resources