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Polity MCQs: 111 - 120. Prelims Marks booster Questions
If something is amended by the parliament in constitution then it should be constitutionally? it means after amendment it mentioned in the constitution. Am I wrong? Please clarify when to say constitutionally and when not.. It's very much confusing at least for me.
2 years ago
Constitutionally means anything mentioned before 26 Jan 1950 .Constitution without amendments, if 1st ,2nd amendments so on ,you don't say constitutionally
Rahul Dabas
2 years ago
In the following 3 statements, which are correct? 1. fundamental duties are mentioned in the constitution 2. Consitutionally, fundamental duties are mentioned 3. Originally, fundamental duties were mentioned in the constitution
Beena Rathore
2 years ago
1 and 2 correct
Muhammad Ali
2 years ago
does constitutionally mean that it should be before 26 jan 1950? i think if it is in constitution it is constitutionally.. else not constitutionally.. i may be wrong.. but do you have any supporting link or source which tells so?