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Mixture and Alligation: Part 5: Suvra Khan (in Bengali)
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Mixture and alligation problem solving five best tricks

Tapas khan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tapas khan
I am a math teacher with 13 years plus experience and I am from west bengal so follow me and I have lots of math trick which helps compititi

Unacademy user
bahut acchaa tha lecture !!!
bujte parlamna ei math a
last math 2to aktu valo kore buziye dile valo hoi..... buzte pari ni
Tapas khan
6 months ago
Ok live class a koriya debo r amar live class er subscription niya nio ai link ta diya r suvra1 ai code ta use koro
Tapas khan
10 months ago
welcome bon
Madhubanti Biswas
10 months ago
  1. 90% 10'/. 80% 20 CHT 4 900 80o

  2. 5:t 8 15 I o

  3. u -J25 25-25 53 20 % 0OY 25), 75

  4. 100-20-80 64 16 IR 161 =64 E u

  5. 507. 6 25 5 525 x100% 83.33%