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Manometer part 2 (in Hindi)
here case-2(b) = Pq (((((--- minus))) + pg(x+y) coz height of M - fluid in Q-side less than the. P-side
No dear, it's not like that. +ve & -ve sign is taken with reference to datum level and applied only in the height of both the fluid w.r.t. datum level. It is nothing to do with the pressure at any point. Pressure at Q(Pq) is taken with prefix +ve(+Pq) (if you are using the same method what I did in this lecture i.e. LHS=RHS) otherwise Pq will be used with prefix -ve (-Pq)(if you are keeping all the pressure in the left hand side and keeping RHS equals to 0 to keep the system in equilibrium). But keep it in mind Pq's value can be +ve or -ve because it measures the gauge pressure.