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Lesson 2 - Formation of Planets and Solar System
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Lesson 2 cover formation of planets and Solar system

Arundeep Karnati
Engineer by force, MBA by Passion, Teaching by love. making creative stuff, Video editing...

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Sir, What is the difference between the planets and dwarf planets
Sir plzz continue this course
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  1. GEOGRAPHY FOR UPSC Arundeep Karnati

  2. WHAT IS GEOGRAPHY? EARTH RECAP Lorge number of h put forth by different phi ond scientists regording the Origin of the earth Big Bang Theory pwere Origin of the Univ Origin of the earth Origin of the Universe M\ MODERN THEORIES EARLY THEORIES

  3. Q. Discuss various theories of formation of Earth? Examine how Juno mission will keep us understand the formation of Earth?


  5. 1. The stars are localised lumps of ga:s within a nebula 2. Gas cloud starts getting condensed and the matter around the core develops into small rounded objects Planetesimals 3. large number of small planetesimals accrete to form a fewer large bodies in > the form of planets


  7. SOLAR SYSTEM Asteroid belt 4.6 billion years ago Sun, 8 planets, 63 moons, millions of smaller bodies like asteroids and comets and huge quanfity of dust-grains and gases. Inner Planets Terrestrial Outer Planets Jovian or Gas

  8. Where is Pluto? International Astronomical Union DWARF PLANT "A celestial body orbiting a star that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity but has not cleared its neighboring region of planetesimals and is not a satellite. More explicitly, it has to have sufficient mass to overcome its compressive strength and achieve hydrostatic equilibrium." 1. Must be in direct orbit of the Sun and not be a moon around another body. 2. It must be massive enough for it to have become spherical in shape under its own gravity

  9. Why are the inner planets Rocky while others are mostly in gaseous form?

  10. Why are the inner planets Rocky while others are mostly in gaseous form? Terrestrial Jovian .Close vicinity of ong location from Parent star Not that intense planets hold huge amount of gases the parent star . Intense solar winds planets are smaller Inner Planets Terrestrial Outer Planets Jovian or Gas

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