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Kinetic Energy (in Hindi)
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Sameer Sd
Cleared JEE and JEST

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sir next video kab upload hogi
  1. KINETIC ENERGY is thi enat that it Kietio ena sossessis due t its motion tt s defined woxk maded to acslesate a body Kinutic uwill e

  2. WORK ENERGY THEOREM Lhis theoem is te kinetic enesay his the owww.states that : woak done as it relates t sorks all tthe to the change in K. E Anen K. E. will increase work done is me gatu thm K.E. well decrease

  3. STEPS an the and fotintial neagr M at a 2 STEP&. ake lowest soint as a where we can measure Point as a leuest 2 ue can