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How to approach Para jumble with accuracy (in Hindi)
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Shivangi Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shivangi Srivastava
Electronic and communication engineering from RTU |Cleared written of Bank of Maharashtra 2016 | SBI PO 2017| Published national papers also

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How adverse land man ratio - practise of rain fed agriculture causing droughts in India?? Please explain sir
can we expect para jumble in ibps clerk mains? and please continue this course asap. thank you
ma'am please provide more lessons for IBPS clerk mains.
Yes Mam aap Po k level ka bhi krayiye
yaa mam po levl hi kraiye ap
thankyou for this course

  2. Shivangi Srivastava VERIFIED Edit Profile Electronic and communication engineering from RTU ICleared written of Bank of Maharashtra 2016 / SBI PO 20171 Published national papers also 51,772 Views in last 30 days 333,527 Lifetime Views 96 Courses 24.9k Followers 13 Following Online Coaching Classes by me VANGI SRIVASTAVA UNACADEMY PLUS Practice session based on TENSES 09 By Shivangi Srivastava By Shivangi Srivastava 5 Hours Practice Sessions on English Grammar for IBPS Clerk Mains O Last date to apply is 15th December (Hindi) Tenses Practice Session: Bank Exam (Hindi) Complete Coverage of Conjunction through a Practice... 12 Lessons 13 Lessons View Details 10 ratings 2 reviews ratings 0 reviews

  3. Hou to appioach Para Jumble

  4. Types of PJ questions Para-jumbles broadly fall in three categories. In each category, the jumbled sentences are coded with an alphabet (usually A, B, C and D) 1. 517 sentences ave given in a vandom order and you have to unjumble all of them. 2. The epening sentence 415 sentences ave given and you hawe to wamange the group Toughest of the lot! of 415 sentences, having been given prion knouledge of the thought that stants off the plow of the discussion. 415 sentences + the closing sentence is given and you need to covrectly sequence 415 oentences so that they [low into the last sentence. 3. 4. Cpening oentence + 415 Sentences + Closing Sentence ave given. Easiest of the lot Jou knou where the stony otarts and where it ends. Jou only have to figue out the sreenplay in

  5. HOW TO DEVELOP 99.99% ACCURACY???? Identify opening and closing line Chronological order Identify pairs CLOZE TEST Idea and its example Identify Central Theme

  6. TIPS FOR BEGINNERS!!! Look for the sentence that clearly introduces a person, place, committee, or concept in the Para Jumble. That will most likely be the opening sentence. Here is an example: 1. He was looking forward to opening up the presents in the solitude of his room. 2. Sanjay's birthday was celebrated with a big bash. 3. But the guests insisted he open them up right there. 4. Several people arrived at his home bearing gifts, both big and small. Introductory Line: Clearly the first line must be statement B. This is because the whole passage talks about gifts and guests and what happens at birthdays. So the first sentence must necessarily introduce the person whose birthday it is.

  7. Always spot the central theme of each Para Jumble. Find paired Sentence Noun z Pronoun Article : A/AnThe Connectors although, though, if, until, since, but, after, alternatively, besides, then, yet, because, consequently, notwithstanding, and, when, meanwhile, so, however, for, whoever, whatever, whenever, nevertheless, therefore, furthermore, whereas, moreover etc. Adjectives: simpler, better, cleverer etc are comparative.