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Entropy Questions - 4
sir in question 2 . reversible adiabatic process is asked then dQ should be zero bcz it is an adiabatic process.please explain it
The process is irreversible Adiabatic, so for that the Clausius inequality should be less than zero. In the option the cyclic integral sign is not there. Also as the process is irreversible hence entropy change will be positive as there is no entropy transfer due to heat.
Rubina Khan
a year ago
yes sir according to clausius inequality this is correct but this question comes in my mind that why dQ/T is not equal to zero bcs there is no heat transfer
You go through the lesson on Clausius inequality again and tell me your conclusion.
Rubina Khan
a year ago
according to clausius cyclic integral of dQ/T will be less than or equal to zero for all the proceses.for reversible it will be zero and less than zero for irreversible. so whatever the process is.. if it is irrversible than it will get inequality.
This is the thing.
Bhaskar Halder
a year ago
sir entropy transfer is zero due to adiabatic condition.. and entropy due to irreversiblity is positive... so option A should be coreect.
Option A should be correct. Clausius inequality is for cyclic processes. The given process is not cyclic but a state change. So, Clausius inequality will not be valid because start point is not equal to end point.