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Course Overview
Hey Guys, thankyou for going through the course and liking them. I try my best bringing the best content on the platform without much delay, but somehow such low ratings as a response do disappoint me ! There are more views but very few reviews. I have repeatedly requested that this is the parameter on which our performance is being judged but I don't get that response from the learners in terms of rating and reviewing. Even if someone feels, this course desrved a one or two star, kindly mention the reason in the review section, so that the issue can be corrected or resolved in the upcoming courses.
Amit Tripathi
2 years ago
hello Arpita ma'am your course are very good and it's very helpful for learners. and you're doing great job for us. you also know that you are a top educator in unacademy. your views and followers are also good enough. so u plz don't disappointed. you lessons are very good n your teaching skills is best . this is the cause u have a good number of students of ground level. and all are not a tech friendly. I am also do not know your parameters. so personally I will always remember that. and your course is not deserved 1 or 2 star .it deserved minimum 4 star . at last thanks for your great effort.
Arpita Prakash
2 years ago
Thanks for the concern Amit :) it's just that I repeat in every lesson that rating and reviewing does matter... And seeing good number of views for my courses but less ratings and reviews make me disappointed. Number of stars doesn't matter much but I feel, I should also be told the reason for the same !
Amit Tripathi
2 years ago
thanks for your reply ma'am.
Gurmeet Singh
2 years ago
mam thanks for this
Mam,its a great course...and this the best ncert summary that has been made...the best kind of teaching ...learning and revising has become a lot more easier and interesting, thank you for the hard work and dedication u have put in just to make our task easy...
Varun Gupta
a year ago
we all love your courses mam. Your courses are the best on this platform