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Concept of Sea Floor Spreading 1
Sir, It is obvious that the rocks nearest to the mid-oceanic ridge are youngest.. How did they find that rocks become older when they are far from the mid-oceanic ridge? Means, for example in general we use carbon dating for finding the age of dead organic matter.. So in the same way is there any process or technique to find the age of rocks.. Sorry for this long question sir...
Saumya Shivangi
10 months ago
mesosaurus was a reptile found in either sides of the plate of African and South American plates which dates back to around 250million years ago! so we can say so! I think this will answer ur question... correct me if m wrong 😊
Kumar Navdeep
10 months ago
I don't know the correct answer so I can't say whether your reply is right or wrong.. Sudarshan Sir can explain this