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Classification of Refrigerants
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This lesson completely deals with the concepts related to Classification of Refrigerants. Through this lesson one can gain comprehension on the topics such as saturated hydrocarbon, unsaturated hydrocarbon, and inorganic refrigerants. Each of these topics is​ explained with the help of appropriate illustrations.​

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Sir have u covered the syllabus of RAC in gate in this course or there r some topics still remaining?
Harshit Aggarwal
2 years ago
Few more topics are there.
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few more topics like?
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This course is very much useful for my preparation. Please make more videos on psychometry,air refrigeration and VARS.waiting for your course.......
Harshit Aggarwal
2 years ago
very useful course , thank you but Can you make vid on numerical problem?
very useful course , thank you but Can you make vid on numerical problem?
very useful course , thank you but Can you make vid on numerical problem?

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  3. CLASSIFICATION OF A REFRIGERANT . Refrigerants are classified as: A. Saturated Hydrocarbon B. Unsaturated Hydrocarbon C. Inorganic Refrigerants

  4. A. SATURATED HYDROCARBONS If the general formula of the refrigerantis CmHn FpClq then such a refrigerant is designated as R - (m-1) (n+1)p where n+p+q= 2m + 2

  5. SATURATED HYDROCARBONS EXAMPLES EXAMPLE1: If the chemical formula of refrigerantis CCl2F2 R_ (1-1)(0+1): R012-r12 EXAMPLE 2 : Find the chemical formula of R-11 . 0+1+q 2+2 qF3 R- (m-)(nt)p p=1 n+p+q = 2m+2

  6. SATURATED HYDROCARBONS EXAMPLES EXAMPLE 3: Find the chemical formula of R-113. R- (m-1)(n+Dp 0+3+q = 4+2 q=3 p=3 EXAMPLE 4: Find the chemical formula of R-134. R- (m-1)(n+)p m-1= 1 m=2 2+4+q = 2(2)+2 p=4 n+p+q = 2m+2

  7. B. UNSATURATED HYDROCARBON If the refrigerant is unsaturated hydrocarbon the chemical formula of refrigerant is CmHnFpC1q then such a refrigerantis designated as CmHpC1q then such a refrigerantis designated as R- (m- n+p+q = 2m

  8. UNSATURATED HYDROCARBON EXAMPLE Write the designation for Ethylene C2H4. m=2, n=4,p=0 n+p+q = 2m 4+0+q= 2(2) q-o R-1150

  9. C. INORGANIC REFRIGERANTS R-700 + Molecular Weight NH3 14 + 1x3-17 R-700 +11 = R-717 H20 18 R-718 CO2 44 R-744 S 02 32+1 6x2 = 64 Air R-129 R-764 NOTE: Azeotropes: Mixture of refrigerant is known as azeotropes. Their designation starts with R-500 series.