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Chapter 4- Stupa-1 at Sanchi
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This lesson is on the Stupa-1 at Sanchi.

Arpita Prakash
YouTuber NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

Unacademy user
Six persons J, P, Q, R, V, Z are sitting in a row. Some of them are facing north while some of them are facing south. J sits second from one of the extreme end of the row. P sits third to the right of J. R is not an immediate neighbor of P and Z. Both the immediate neighbors of V faces opposite direction. Both the Immediate neighbors of Z faces same direction. V sits second to the left of P. Q sits to the right of R. R faces north. Q faces same direction as Z. Z doesn’t sit at any extreme end. 
Swathi Macha
4 months ago
R(n) J(n) V(n) Z(s) P(n) Q(s)
Manju Gautam
4 months ago
RJVZPQ sitting to the left to right and seen below direction... R (face north side) J (face north side) V (face north side) Z (face south side ) P (face north side) Q (face south side)
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Thank you so much ma'am for your efforts. Ma'am please complete this course.
very nicely explained ............thank u mam........plz complete course before prelims
Arpita Prakash
3 months ago
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