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Age based Floor puzzle (In Hindi)
Certain number of persons are sitting in a circular table facing towards the centre. Each of them are of different age and the age of the persons lies from 11 to 20. Not more than one seat is vacant in the arrangement. At least one information i.e. either person's name or ages should be known otherwise he/she is not sitting in the arrangement. There is equal distance between each seat. The following information is known about them 1. U's age is in multiple of 5 but he is not the eldest. 2 There are two seats between Q and P. 3. U sits opposite to T but neither of them are adjacent to Q. 4. No seats are adjacent to U is vacant. 5. The one, who is 19 years old, is sitting on the seat which is to the immediate right of S's seat. 6. P's age is in perfect square number. 7. S sits on the seat which is second to the right of one, whose age is 13 years old. 8. Q's age is in even number..