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ACIO IB 2014 Solution : part 5 (in Hindi )
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Last lesson covers question from 79- 100. All the best to everyone for ACIO IB (15 TH COTOBER )

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Chetan Mna
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thankyouuu sirr, and please make current affairs videos from June to September, it will be super helpful
thank u very much sir ...please do more such videos......great help...
thanks a lot for both last year papers & culture affairs
Hello.. From where will I get PDF of previous year question paper for ACIO
sir can u please provide some full fledged mocks for this exam

  2. 3. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION Tier/Mode of Description of examination Total examinationn Time Marks(minutes) Written Exam Objective type MCQs, divided into 4 parts containing 25 questions of 1 marks each on: a) General Awareness b) Quantitative aptitude c) Logical/analytical ability d) English language. Descriptive type: a) Essay on one of the given Tier-I 100 60 Tier- topics (30 marks), & 50 60 b) English comprehension & pr cis writing (20 marks).

  3. 79.Which among the following Indian rivers flows from east to west, eventually meeting Arabian Sea? Narmada ANSWER Godavari Krishna Kaveri 80. Which of the following national parks of India is located in one of the north-eastern states? It is also a declared UNESCO world-heritage site Betla Dachigham Manas ANSWER Silent valley National Park Located in Betla Dachiganm Jammu & Kashmir Manas Assam 81. Suzanna Arundhati Roy, an Indian author Shillong - ANSWER Chennai Thiruvananthpuram Jeddah Silent Valley Kerala

  4. 82.Yellow Revolution in India refers to growth of Militancy in the north-east Oilseeds production - ANSWER Advertising industry Jaundice outbreak 83. French Revolution ended in 1790s with the ascent of Rousseau King Louis XVI Napoleon Bonaparte - ANSWER Robespierre 84. In which subject did Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia, famous novelist and film director of Assam, obtain PhD from University of London? Assamese Literature Physics - ANSWER Mass Communication Mathernatics

  5. 85. In his youth, Adolf Hitler aspired to be a/an Architect Painter ANSwER Singer Footballer 86. Many of the famous political leaders had a University Degree in Law. Which of the following world leaders didn't have a Degree in Law? Nelson Mandela Fidel Castro Barack Obama John F Kennedy - ANSWER 87. Ernesto Che Guevara, the famous Marxist revolutionary of South America, was born irn Bolivia Cuba Argentina - ANSwER Guatemala

  6. 88. Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical weekly, first appeared in 1970 as a successor to another French magazine that was banned for mocking the death of former French President Charles de Gaulle. What was the name of the banned magazine? Le Monde Hara kiri ANSWER La Croix Humanite Hebdo 89. Vasant Govarikar, who passed away recently, was a famous personality in which field? Literature Space science - ANS Classical music Cinema 90.Who is non-member who can participate in the debate of Lok Sabha? Vice President Chief Justice of India Attorney General of India ANSWER None of the above

  7. 91.Which of the following is the wrongly matched word-meaning pair? Indict: Accuse Onset: Beginning Recite: Propose ANSWER Temerity: Boldness 92.Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? Either he or I am mistaken. ANSWER He gave me an advice. The sceneries here are very good Let you and I do it 93.Which of the following word is closest in meaning to the idiom, "cast down"? Humiliated Depressed-ANSWER Discouraged

  8. 94. The letter, "0', in the word, 'about', is pronounced like letter, 'o', in the word: Go Boy Got Now-ANSWER 95. Khali was sitting on the fence, means Khali was: Living dangerously Undecided ANSWER Stubborn Annoying 96. In the sentence, 'Don't talk so loud, the word loud' is used as an : Adverb Adjective - ANSWER Idiom Active verb

  9. 97. In the sentence,' None but the brave deserves the fair, the word but' is used as : An adverb A preposition A conjunction-ANSWER A pronoun 98. Which of the followingis a correctly matched adjective-noun pair? Restless-Restlessly Restless-Restlessness-ANSWER Restless Restless-Restivityy 99.His bad eyesight exempted him military service.Fillin the blank with: in of from- ANSWER At -Restive 100.Which of the following is an incorrectly matched word-meaning pair? Excursion - Short journey Homage - Tribute Sidekick - Close companion Intact Tactful - ANSWER

  10. ALL THE BEST Thanks for watching