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ACIO IB 2014 Solution : part 2 (in Hindi )
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This covers Question from 21 -32

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sir paper english aur hindi dono mode m hoga ya phir only english?? sir please reply

  2. 3. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION Tier/Mode of Description of examination Total examinationn Time Marks(minutes) Written Exam Objective type MCQs, divided into 4 parts containing 25 questions of 1 marks each on: a) General Awareness b) Quantitative aptitude c) Logical/analytical ability d) English language. Descriptive type: a) Essay on one of the given Tier-I 100 60 Tier- topics (30 marks), & 50 60 b) English comprehension & pr cis writing (20 marks).

  3. 19. If 'Head' appears consecutively in the first three tosses of a fair/unbiased coin, what is the probability of 'Head' appearing in the fourth toss also? 1/8 7/8 1/16 1/2 - ANSWER Explanation: The probability of getting a head in a toss of a con is 50% always. i.e: 1 2 20. Archers A' and 'B, take aim at a target. If the probability ofA' hitting the target is 90% and of"B missing the target is 90%, what is the probability that both 'A' and 'B' miss the target? 90% 09%-ANSwER Explanation: A hitting target n(A)-90% and hence missing the target n(A)-10% 01% 81% So according to question. n(A') x n(B')-10% x 90% = 0.09 or 9% 21. If 12 persons working 12 hours a day dig 12 meters of a tunnel in 12 days, how many men are required to dig additional 04 meters of the tunnel (of the same dimension) given that they work 04 hours a day for 04 days? 27 4 12 36 - ANSWER Explanation: According to formula, M1 D1 H1/W1 M2 D2 H2 /W2 After putting the values and solving, we get M2 36

  4. 22.A man sells an article at a certain price incurring 20% loss. If he had sold the same article for Rs.20 more, he would have earne Explanation: 120x-80s 20 vas the cost price of the said article? Rs.20 Rs. 40 Rs. 50 ANSWER Rs. 60 100 100 = 0.4x 20 =x =50 23. Numerator of a fraction is increased by by 60%. The new fraction is 2.56 times the older fraction Equal to the older fraction 4 times-the older fraction ANSWER 0.36 times the older fraction Explanation: Let fraction bexy According to question: x+0.6xy 0.4y 1.6x/0.4y =4x Hence 4 times the older fraction. Answer- (3 24. In a triangle ABC, one of the angles is average of the remaining two angles. Which of the following is always true about the triangle ABC? Isosceles triangle Equilateral triangle Explanation: If one angle of a triangle is 600 then sum of remaining both angles would be 1200. Which satisfy the above given condition.

  5. 25. If the area of a circle C' is egual to the area of a sguare's, then the ratio of the sguare of the perimeter of 'C' to the square of the perimeter of 'S' is nearly equal to? Explanation: Area of circle C" r2. Area of Square S, According to question. (Perimeter of square)2 (41)2 1612 *(r2& 12 cancel out in above equation as they are equal) 12 11:14 - ANSWER 88:7 22:7 26. The last digit of the number 3A2015 is 3 5 7 - ANSWER Explanation: Quick Method: Divide power by 4, we get 2015/4- 503 approx., since tihe unit digit of power comes to be 3.Now put 3 instead of 2015 in the power we get 33 27. So the last digit is 7 27, what is the sguare root of 49%? 0.7% 7.0 % 70%-ANSWER Undefined Explanation:-49% =-49/100 = 710 = 70%

  6. 28. Log (40A2-2042) is equal to log 3 log 60 + log 20 ANSWER log 40 log 20 log 20 29.Twelve persons meet in a conference and each shakes hands with all the others. How many handshakes take place? Explanation: Log (402-202) = Log (1600-400)-Log (1200)-Log (60 x 20)-Log 60 + Log 20 66 - ANSWER 72 144 132 Explanation: According to formula n*(a-1)2. We get 66 handshakes. 30. A man travels uphill to city C from city B in a car at the speed of 40 Km/hr, and returns to city B at a faster speed of 60 Km/hr. What is his average speed for the round trip? 0 48 Km/hr - ANSWER 50 Km/hr Data insufficient

  7. 31. (7+14+21+28.+200) is equal to: 35350- ANSWER 42714 49420 56707 Explanation: Since it is an Arithmetic Progression, So Sum of series of AP. Sn-(Last term +first term) No. of terms 2 = (700 7)* 100/2-35350 32. In a group of 5 persons, P is taller than Q, but is shorter than both R and S. Both R and T are taller than Q, but shorter than S. This implies that R is taller than P, but shorter than T/ R T is taller than Q, but shorter than R/ T R is taller than Q, but shorter than T/ R S is taller than T while P is shorter than R/ SANSWER Explanation: According to question, S>R/T>P>Q 33.In a group of Army Officers, 02% of Officers neither take Coffee nor Tea, while rest of them take either Tea or Coffee or both. If 60% of Officers take Tea, while 58% take Coffee, what percentage of Officers take Tea but do not take Coffee? Explanation: A) 60 (B) 58 (AUB)=98. (A ) ? ((A) who drinks tea 02% 20% 4096-ANSWER 60% n(B)- who drinks coffee) So, n(AUB)(A)(B)-n(An B) Therefore, n(An B) 60 -9s -20 g to question, n(A)-n(AnB) 60 20-40 (people who drink only tea but not coffee)

  8. 34. The original name of Ho Chi Minh, the President of the Vietnam Democratic Republic, was Nguyen Van Thanh which he later changed to Ho Chi Minh before becoming the President. The literal meaning of Ho Chi Minh is He Who Leads He Who Fights He Who Enlightens ANSWER He Who Protects 35. In which year, Mahatama Gandhi travelled to Champaran in Bihar to inspire the peasants to struggle against the oppressive plantation system? 1914 1915 1916 1917- ANSWER 36. With which objective, CR Das and Motilal Nehru formed the Swaraj Party within the Congress? Forge Hindu-Mu Participate in elections to the provincial council - ANSWER slim unity Organise legislative protests against Rowlat

  9. 37. The industrial working class did not participate in the Civil Disobedience Movement in large numbers, except in Nagpur region - ANSWER Madras region Surat region Calcutta region 38. Dr B R Ambedkar clashed with Mahatma Gandhi at the 2nd Round Table Conference demanding Reservation for Dalits in Government jobs Reservation for Dalits in Ministries Separate citizen status for Dalits Separate Electorate for Dalits - ANSWER 39. A scene of wrestling match in Bombay's Hanging Gardens was shot by Harishchandra Bhatwadekar, & it became India's first movie. It was shot in the year 1896 ANSWER 1907 1913 1925

  10. 40.Which famous leader once said, "we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters: how you live, the noise you make, how you spit...'" Adolf Hitler, Germany Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Mussolini, Italy Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore ANSWER 41. Who brought the printing Press for the first time to India in the mid-16th century? Dutch cloth merchants British traders Portuguese Missionaries - ANSWER Arab manuscript writers 42. Measures in India to impose censorship on printed material were initiated in 1798 by the East India Company. It was directed against Bengali social reformers Englishmen in India - ANSWER Bengali writers Indian Princely States