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A Brief Outline of Continental Drift (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson completely deals with the information related to continental drift. Then she explains all the stages involved in the continental drift where she explains Pangea stage, the flight of continents, the opening of Tethys, westward drift, and Orogenetic Stage. All these are elaborated using appropriate illustrations, so that one can learn them with ease. ​

Bhumika Saini
B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Loves teaching and playing badminton.

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sir question number 7 il 9 nte divisibility rule apply cheyyumbol,4 th option check cheyyende?
This slide is repeated... in another lecture also the same is being explained .
thank u mam....mam aur courses bnaao .....Aap bahut achhe se samjhaate ho .....aur bahut achhe se concepts samjh aate hai ...plz mam aur courses bhi bnaao ....geography ke hi baaki topics yaa history yaa polity 🙏
useful course, thank you
it's really helpful and your language is also soft thanks ma'am

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  3. PRELUDE TO PLATE TECTONICS Continental drift Sea floor Spreading Geomagnetism Plate tectonics theory

  4. CONTINENTAL DRIFT :Wegner wrote book Origin of continent and oceans in 1912 Premises .A supercontinent existed Pangea near present Durban Pangea surrounded by Panthalasa .SIAL is floating over SIMA Northern part called laurentia and southern part- gondwanaland . Pangea divded by a shallow and meanderi Pangea divded by a shallow and mea ng water body -Tethys sea

  5. Pangea stage (during carboniferous period) STAGE 1 Flight of continents(continents began to drift and break in pieces Laurentia and gondwana) Stage 2 Opening of tethys (The intervening space between laurentia and gondwana got filled with tethys sea and it widened) Stage 3 Westward Drift( North and South america drifted westwards and altantic Stage 4 ocean opened) Orogenetic Stage(Rockies and Andes formed) Stage 5

  6. LAURASIA HYS SEA Equator 4 TRIASSIC 200 million years ago

  7. PANGAEA the large landmass that included all of Earth's present day continents LA URASI A Eqastor Equator rHYS SEA PERMIAN 225 million yeers ago TRIASSIC 200 million years ago JURASSIC 135 million years ago Equator CRETACEOUS 65 million years ago PRESENT DAY

  8. Forces responsible for movement Northward shift Difference between force of buyoncy and graviational pull . Tidal force of sun and Westward shift moon

  9. EVIDENCES Biological evidence Fossil evidence Geological Evidence Jig Saw fit Paleo climatic evidence

  10. BIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE .The lemmings have the tendency to migrate westwards for the search of land, but these creatures have no idea that the land has shifted westwards and sea awaits for their mass suicide

  11. GLACIAL SCARS Same scars: differentcontinents Africa South AmericaJ ndia; Antarctica Austr