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12 May - 31 May
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Learn. Practice. Accelerate.

Experience practical, industry-relevant and insightful learning sessions. Go beyond the textbook. Climb the corporate ladder rapidly.

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Free Certified Workshops

Boost your CV by getting certified on Next-Gen Technologies.



Meet and interact with industry professionals from top companies and learn from their real-world experiences and industry perspective.


Technical Tests

Are you prepared for your next technical interview? Find out by appearing for our engineering knowledge test.

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Meet some of our Industry Experts

Learn from and interact with top industry professionals. Gain insights on what it takes to succeed in the core engineering domain.

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Bill Shukla

Bill has 22 years of work experience and is currently working as Executive Vice President - Industrial Products at Thermax Limited.

Nitin Sheth

Nitin has 26 years of experience in the Automobile Sector and is currently working as Vice President – Powertrain Design and Development at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India.

Shivangi Narula

Shivangi is a professional corporate trainer, helping students and working professionals to crack the toughest interviews and build a confident personality.

Vishwas Vaidya

Vishwas has 33+ years of experience in automotive engineering field, currently working as a Director at Spark Minda Industries. Former AGM-Electronics at TATA Motors.

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Why should you attend Unacademy's Core Engineering sessions?

Over 1 Million Learners enroll in undergraduate engineering programs every year, but only ~50% of these learners are employable upon graduation. These sessions will make you understand what is required to make yourself ready for the Industry.

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Learn from the Industry Experts directly

There is nothing better than learning from the ones who have cracked it themselves. Attend the sessions to understand what it takes to build a rock-solid career in Core Engineering.

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Frequently asked questions

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Will I be allowed to attend all the sessions?

Yes, you can attend as many sessions of the Core Engineering Events as you want. The events have been designed such that there are no sessions being conducted in parallel.

Will the sessions be available to watch on a later date?

Absolutely. All the sessions will be available for you to watch later as well. However, to make the most of each session, we encourage you to watch them live as many of them will be interactive with the Educator answering your questions live.

Who can be a participant at the Core Engineering Events?

Unacademy's Core Engineering Events are open for all. It has been specially curated to benefit Engineering Learners who are working professionals or in the final year of college.

Will there be scope to ask questions or doubts?

Yes. Most of the sessions will provide you with the option of asking your questions to the Educators at the end of the session.

Where are the Core Engineering Events going to be held?

Unacademy's Core Engineering Events will take place online, entirely. The best part about these events is that there’s zero travel required. Enroll on the links above and watch your classes live to interact with our Educators.

Is there any registration fee for the Core Engineering Events?

No, the Core Engineering Events are free for all. All you need to do is register in advance, and attend the sessions.

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