Web Analytics Demystified
27 ratings
6 reviews
Step by Step guide to building an influential brand online, reaching out to masses and earn/grow exponentially. Start with your business idea TODAY! This course will be your constant companion in every walk, every pillar of your business. From Web Development to content design to marketing strategy, this course encompasses every aspect of your online venture. Let's build your online empire! Welcome to this Learn & Earn course!
A digital branding professional, passionate about graphics & UX design, digital tech and internet marketing. Authored a book on SEO AUDIT.
27 ratings
6 reviews
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Saloni Bajaj
reviewed on August 05, 2017
good course. .
Vibhor G
reviewed on July 03, 2017
Great course. I went on to your blog. Great content. And can I get a copy or a free preview of your book on SEO AUDIT?
Sourav Datta
reviewed on February 03, 2017
Perfect for an all round understanding. Useful ! Thank You for the course.
Souvik Sim
reviewed on February 02, 2017
As you say it, Its Ambitious! Sir, your Slides are awesome and covers a lot of information. May i have the slides ?
Kaushik Bol
reviewed on February 02, 2017
Loved the Course. No useless content.pinpoint presentation on DM