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UPSC Preparation Strategy: for Prelims Mains and Personality Test!!


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Akshay Kadam

In this course I will comprehensively discuss strategy and preparation map to be followed by UPSC aspirants. Course focuses on giving u clear cut analysis of pattern of exam and do's and dont's in detail.



5 reviews


reviewed on Aug 3, 2019

Strategy very well explained by you dear sir hope to get more lectures from your side, so as to study well for the UPSC examinations.... great!!!

Pavan Kalyan

reviewed on Aug 28, 2019

Course is really helpful...please keep taking classes ..thank you sur

Vibha Rawariya

reviewed on Jul 2, 2019

such good strategy explained by you sir .you have cleared all doubts of my mind regarding how many questions must be attempted and how to crack cut off well done👍 tysm

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