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39 lessons • 26m

यूराेपीय कंपनियाें का आगमन भाग-१

11m 15s

यूराेपीय कंपनियाें का आगमन भाग-२

9m 23s

यूराेपीय कंपनियाें का आगमन भाग-३

6m 18s

यूराेपीय कंपनियाें का आगमन भाग-४

8m 14s

यूराेपीय कंपनियाें का आगमन भाग-5

9m 53s

East India company part

8m 41s

Governer general part-1

8m 42s

Governer general part-2

8m 20s

Governer general part-3

8m 31s

Governer general part-4

8m 16s

Governer general part-5

8m 20s

Governer general part-6

7m 05s

Governer general part-7

8m 18s

Governer general part-8

8m 32s

Governer General part-9

8m 32s

Governer General part-10

8m 22s

Governer General part-11

7m 49s

Governer general part-12

7m 12s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-1

8m 37s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-2

8m 33s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-3

8m 05s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-4

7m 03s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-5

7m 39s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-6

6m 25s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-7

6m 45s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-8

6m 11s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-9

5m 30s

Revolt of 1857 ♨ part-10

6m 23s

Other local campaigns part-1

7m 05s

Other local campaigns part-2

6m 21s

Other local campaigns part-2

5m 05s

Other local campaigns part-4

5m 34s

Other local campaigns part-5

6m 07s

Other local campaigns part-6

5m 20s

Other local campaigns part-7

5m 09s

Devlopment of press in Modern India part-1

7m 17s

Devlopment of press in Modern India part-2

8m 03s

Devlopment of press in Modern India part-3

6m 02s

Devlopment of press in Modern India part-4

7m 04s

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