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Understanding Money Market for UPSC/IAS Examination


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Ayussh Sanghi

I have prepared a very lucid and comprehensive course on Money Markets. This course explains what money markets are and how are they regulated. All instruments pertaining yo Money Market are also dealt with in proper detail. Who issues those instruments and why people purchase those instruments. What is the impact of those instruments on money supply in the economy. To learn all this attend the course and do give your valuable feedback.



84 reviews

Nandini Maharaj

reviewed on Jan 25, 2017

Ten books can't make me internalize concepts as well as one Ayush Sanghi course can. Thank you so much sir!

Prasad Mukherjee

reviewed on Jan 29, 2017

Thanks a ton sir!! Deeply indebted to you for making such videos to cover these complex topics with so much ease of understanding. Kindly continue the same. PLEASE CREATE SIMILAR LESSONS COVERING GLOBAL ORGANISATIONS, AGREEMENTS AND TREATISE.

Arup Sahoo

reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

Thank u sir for sharing such conceptual knowledge.Hope U will continue to share these types of conceptual clarity notes in Ur course.

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