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Understanding Fundamental Rights: UPSC / IAS Preparation Online Videos


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Roman Saini

This course deals with the one of the most important concept of Indian Polity i.e. Fundamental Rights (Part III Article 12-35) of the Indian constitution. The objective of this is course is to make the aspirants' understand the concepts of Fundamental Rights, to learn all the key facts you need to know about Part III of Indian constitution and to develop the right way of thinking of inter-connecting Part III with other relevant parts of Indian constitution as well as to current affairs. It starts with a brief overview lesson, followed by major classification and introduction to Fundamental Rights, List, Features, Article 12 and 13, Article 14-17, Article 18-19, Article 20-24, Article 25-30, Rights outside Part III, Significance and Criticism, Article 32 Right to Constitutional Remedy, 5 writs and Right to Property, Martial Laws, Armed Forces, Laws for effecting Fundamental Rights. Tags: Fundamental Rights of India, Indian Polity for UPSC CSE, Constitution of India, Indian Constitution for UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.



144 reviews

Rishi Raj Mishra

reviewed on Dec 13, 2016

Concise notes, masterly elaborated, critical point taken essentially, and most importantly a true TIME SAVER...What else is needed!!! Cheers Roman!!

Samidha OVHAL

reviewed on Dec 13, 2016

Roman Sir, we are waiting for more courses on Polity IN YOUR VOICE. please do make more courses for us for polity and history.

Vivekanand Sharma

reviewed on Sep 6, 2016

This is just unbelievable. Very nice effort. Thank you.. we are far distant from big cities, yet it has let us not loose hope for preparation.

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