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Tricks to Solve questions on Time and Work (Hindi)


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Dhiraj Singh Chauhan

To crack any examination, along with all the hard work which one puts in, there should always be smart skills acknowledging to it. Among these skills, the major skill is a time management. Dealing with time management is not a big deal to those who learn shortcuts and techniques which will help to solve complex problems in simple norms. This course deals with such tricks which one can utilize to solve problems on time and work. This course helps one who are aspiring to crack SSC CGL exam. Dhiraj will solve some questions on time and work in each lesson and explain simple techniques to solve them. By completing this course, one can learn many such techniques.



208 reviews

suman mashala

reviewed on Jun 3, 2016

thank you very much sir.. i started liking maths after watching your videos.. i request you to please upload more videos.. Bhaagwan apka bhala kare :)

Rajnish Kumar

reviewed on Dec 16, 2016

Extraordinary presentation,tricks,way of teaching thanks a lot sir and such a nice platform for education. Thank you UNACADEMY

Nirmla Singh Chauhan

reviewed on Jun 3, 2016

very helpful videos. Please complete all the topic which are important for ssc cgl. Thank you.

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