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Time, Speed and Distance for CAT


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Bharat Gupta

In this course, we will discuss the speed formula and time and distance aptitude questions. As this topic forms an integral part of every competitive exam, you cannot afford to miss this topic. This course will equip you to solve all time speed and distance word problems. You will also learn shortcut tricks and tips to solve TSD problem easily in examination. TSD problems can be solved in less time duration if you are aware of right tips and tricks. With CAT 2018 around the corner, these tips will come handy and will help you solve complex TSD problems in less time. This will help you score better in quants section.



61 reviews

Muhammad Saffiulla

reviewed on Jul 12, 2018

sir made it so easy to understand such a difficult and confusion chapter I m lucky to get taught by sir it's a great chance to learn from Bharat Gupta sir

Nilendra Singh Rajawat

reviewed on Aug 5, 2018

in sol to the 3 rd questions you have taken speed of arindam as 9 for the whole journey but in question it has been given that he returns from school at 5km/hr Constant speed which you haven't used

Swati Goswami

reviewed on Jul 9, 2018

I have a 20t=sum of ap....n both are distances 9f man 1 n 2 time is same..distance isn't. then why did we put both distances equal in equation?

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