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The World Wars: 1914-1945


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Nandini Maharaj

This course covers a broad period of political world history: 1914-1945. It continues to discusses elements of the Cold War as all The first world war, league of nations and second world was are the focus of this course.



33 reviews

Purna Ram Baida

reviewed on Jul 22, 2018

Helpful ...It may help me getting prepared for mains 2019. The voice is very impressive and help in concentration in the lesson. The way of teaching is awesome. I really like the course as well as tutor.

Ash K

reviewed on Jun 8, 2018

ma'am, in PCIJ was dissolved( wrt your chapter explanation in league of nations 1). it isn't still there. what is there is ICJ as of now

goutam kumar

reviewed on Mar 25, 2018

mam u r really well in teaching this course helps me alot to rectify my mistakes and the best thing is u go in a flow and connecting the events.... thank you very much

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