33 lessons • 6h 23m

Part 1- Overview,Target people and course structure (in Telugu)

10m 41s

Part 2 - Introduction to telangana panchayat raj act 2018 ,Over view ,Blue print (in Telugu)

12m 00s

Part 3- Telangana panchayat raj act -Parts,Schedules,Sections and Chapters (in Telugu)

11m 54s

Part 4-Grama panchayath structure and Grama Sabha Prabhakar Chouti (in Telugu)

11m 42s

Part 5- Ethics and Reservations Of panchayath (in Telugu)

11m 25s

Lecture 2-Women Empowerment-Social ,Economic and political,Historical Discrimination (Telugu)

14m 33s

Lecture 3- Women empowerment -Acts for women(aim,salient features and relevance )(telugu)

13m 27s

Lecture 4- Women empowerment -laws for the protection of women and social justice (2005,2012)(Tel)

11m 19s

Lecture 5- women empowerment -criminal law amendment act 2013,dowry and bonded labour act (telugu )

10m 54s

Lecture 6- Women Empowerment -National policy for women ,sakshar bharath ,jan Sikhsha Santhan(tel)

11m 05s

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