8 lessons • 1h 27m

Psychometric Test Table Test-1 (in Telugu)

13m 55s

Psychometric Test (Rows and Columns Test) Part-2 (in Telugu)

8m 38s

Psychometric Test Table Test-3(Rows and Column Test) Part-3 (in Telugu)

14m 56s

Psychometric Test Rows and Column Test-4 (in Telugu)

10m 59s

Psychometic Test (Rows and Columns) part-5 (in Telugu)

10m 40s

Psychometric test (watch table test)-1 (in telugu)

10m 18s

Psychometric test (watch table)-2 (in telugu)

8m 55s

Psychometric test(watch table)-3 (in telugu)

8m 47s