11 lessons • 2h 16m

Lesson 1- Introduction to Course and Budget of India (in Telugu)

10m 22s

Lesson 2-Most Interesting Things about Budget (Process of Budget Enactment) (in Telugu)

13m 43s

Lesson 3- How to Understand the Budget (in Telugu)

11m 17s

Lecture 4-Budget Outlook and Statements of Budget (in Telugu)

13m 50s

Lecture 5-State of the Economy-Fiscal Deficit (in Telugu)

12m 51s

Lecture 6-GDP,Revenue Deficit,Effective RD,Inflation ,CAD,FDI in 2019-20

13m 09s

Lesson 7- Budget at a glance - Revenu ,Capital expenditure and income ,Borrowings and debt(telugu)

12m 28s

Lesson 8- Budget allocations ,Farmesr,Labour’s,Middle class,Women (Telugu)

11m 29s

Lecture 9- Direct Tax proposals (Income tax slabs )(Telugu)

12m 21s

Lesson 11- PM Srama yogi mandhaan Yojana for unorganised sector (telugu )

10m 44s

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