8 lessons • 1h 20m

Lesson 1- Overview of Economy syllabus,Target people and purpose of course(in telugu )

10m 55s

Lesson 2- How and Where to start Group 1 PCM Economy (in Telugu )

12m 20s

Lesson 3-Chapterization of whole PCM economy (in Telugu )

12m 38s

Lesson 4 - Start AP Group 1 PCM Economy From here (in Telugu )

10m 17s

Lesson 5 -PCM Group 1 Economy Strategy through topics (in telugu )

11m 36s

Universal Basic Income(UBI) Part 1- (Telugu)

10m 55s

Universal Basic Income (UBI) Part 2(Telugu)

11m 19s

Gloabal Hunger Index 2019

10m 11s